Is a bird in hand,

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by AresKenux, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. worth two in a bush?
  2. No but my dick in my hand is worth semen on a napkin.
  3. so you're going to stick the bird in the bush or...what?
  4. The Geico guy seemed pretty sure
  5. No.

    A bird in hand is worth at least 10 in a bush.
  6. Actually, things aren't going to great lately. Had to sell the bush or else I couldn't meet my monthly hooker quota.
  7. who's bush?
  8. I thought this is what the OP meant...


    A bird in hand = Money in my pocket
    Bird in bush = Money someone promised to give you. (i.e. Check, IOU, etc)

    So I thought 100 dollar bill in my pocket is worth more than a grand someone promised to give me...
  9. Heh, yea, I forgot what it really meant, but I think you got it.
  10. Oh, I got it? Thanks... I was beginning to think the expression meant something else...
  11. :laughing:

    It does. It means that it's better to stick with something you already have than to chase after something you may never get.

    /end thread.

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