is a barky potting mix bad for seedlings and is this peat

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  1. I'm not convinced that my choice of seedling potting soil is a good one. On some other threads I've just read people have told others to stay away from peaty/barky potting soils, and mine is quite barky. you pick up a handful and pick through it and there doesn't seem to be that much actual soil or substance it's very light and barky. Is this type of potting mixes crap or are they light and ideal for seedlings? for one it does drain fast the pots are 5 inch and I water well in the morning and then by late afternoon practically dry again, temps only mild early spring but direct sunlight. They are just not growing that well but it could be my imagination.

    my question is, is this barky potting soil the same as 'peaty' when the term is used, because I now know that peat moss is acidic and not good for the plants. here is a pic of the potting mix bag, is this a type of mix for acid-loving plants? should I repot and try to scrape away the soil as much as I can when I transplant?

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  2. It says it is "all purpose" so I'd guess the pH is near least it hasn't been intentionally acidified.

    I have found potting soil to be too heavy for seedlings. Note that I have only grown one "bean" but I've grown thousands of vegetable sets from seed. What I do if I don't have a bag of seed starting mix is to take potting soil, or a mix of compost, top soil and sphagnum moss, mix it all together and then shake it through a strainer. The fine soil is perfect for starting seedlings and is also what I use to root my cuttings.

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