Is a 600watt hps safe to run in an apartment?

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  1. I have access to the fuse box and my buildings not the oldest but definitely not new. So with a 600watt hps and 6 inch inline fan running could there be risks/would people be aware of it?
  2. Fans are kind of loud just keep noise going like TVs or radio. 600 Watts is kind of a lot for a apartment but depends on size. You should be fine but if worried go with a 400.
  3. 600 watts is really not that much. A Xbox 360 and 42inch TV uses more energy then that. If you have a gaming computer 1500-2000 watts if you through in everything.
  4. 600 watt light & fan should be fine. Don't run washer/dryer/heater at the same time you might blow fuses or trip circuits.
    Are you sure that's what you have? If you have a main panel open it up. If they're switches that you flip, it's circuit breakers.
    In an apartment you should have a sub-panel in one of the closets. Open it up & see what you have .
  5. Not really. If you think of it most microwaves are more then 600 watts, some TV`s, toaster ovens and such. My computer has a 850 watt PSU in it.
  6. You will be fine dont worry about it. If you draw to much power the fuse will its designed to work. As for it being to "old" the metal in the electrical wire does not really age the other coating on the other hand might of aged some.

    US Building code has been the same for decades. Usually all the sockets in a room or area are hooked up via wiring to one Circuit Breaker. Things that use alot are generally hooked up to one by itself i.e. oven which can pull 2000-4000 watts.

    All sockets in the US at least in a house can pull 15 or 20 amps, and 1800 watts or 2400 watts depending on the fuse. When you go over that the circuit breaker flips. Try to turn it all on again and it flips again then you know your pulling to much of a load. You wont start a fire, you wont blow anything up. If a circuit breaker flips theres the gate that allows electricity to flow is open no juice, if its closed electricity flows.
  7. ^he's not wrong OP.

    Worse case is your gear may possible be damaged, not exactly good news but much much better then a fire. Electronics don't like to be sent less power then they require. It's how the 12v myth of "sending too little power to a speaker will blow it"

    'Dirty" power is the devil, but circuit breakers will pop before damage is done assuming they work properly and it's such a simple task they have, having a malfunctioning breaker box isn't really common.

    If truly worried still, take a look at your breaker box and see what other outlets split their load with where ever your lights are. And limit or simply don't use the rest of that circuit for anything else. Imo
  8. Thanks for the help everyone, I learned a lot from all the comments. Looks like I'm good to go!
  9. My computer power supply pulls 600w alone, you'll be fine.
  10. We have to grow rooms, 1 clone/veg room and 1 flowering room. We have a smoke detector in each room with a fire exstinguisher outside the door to each room just for a little added security.

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