Is a 600w MH/HPS too much for 3'x3.5'?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TH3 GUY, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. I will be using a cool tube/air cooled unit with two 6" inline fans.
    Is a 600w MH/HPS too much 4 3'x3.5' area?
    Height is not an issue.
  2. you can never have too much light. as long as you keep the heat under control you should be fine.
  3. That space is about right for a 400w, but I agree with FunkDoc, if you can keep the heat under control, and don't mind the 50% higher power bill, go with the 600w.
  4. Does it still hurt the electrical bill that much if it's a digital ballast? I heard those are 30-40% better than regular ballasts.
  5. I always see questions asking if there's enough light.
    I just don't want to over doit but the air cooled tube reflector with two 6" inline fans should be enough to keep it cool. I might have another 6" inline fan to bring in fresh air and of course one to circulate air in the room but the fresh air fan is a maybe at this point (another hole in the wall).

  6. Ain't no such thing as overkill, however, you might want to consider using a couple of cfl's for your first couple of weeks to hold down the elec bill.

    p.s. I got 2 400s in a 3.5x5 space and it could use more.
  7. A 600w lamp with a digital ballast should still use 50% more juice than a 400w lamp with a digital ballast...
  8. If that's the case I think I will go with the 400w, I just want to have enough light for about 6 plants in that space.

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