Is A 600w HPS too much heat for a small closet grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by c0rup7, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. Is A 600w HPS too much heat for a small closet grow?

    I have a couple fans, one big & one small. trying to get some idea's on how to re-circulate air flow.

    My 600w HPS grow kit arrives in the mail in 2 - 3 days so I'm trying to figure out where to set this up, will a closet be ok or will the temps exceed 82?
  2. Depends on your environment...central heat in your home? How's the weather coming into fall (and winter soon)? Keep in mind that come winter time, you may find yourself running into the opposite issue -- not enough heat. On top of that, having proper ventilation is key.

    Closets can be tricky because they can be difficult to modify for intake/exhaust ports and the like without being either extremely conspicuous or cutting big chunks out of large sections of wall. You may consider buying a grow tent that will fit a 600w and will also fit inside your closet...that way you will have a bit of an easier time regulating temperature and air circulation and you won't have to really do any modifications to the house itself.
  3. I live in Arizona so low temps are not really an issue for me I don't think. Thanks for your quick reply.

    I'm looking to spend as little $$ as possible, and I don't think a tent would even fit in there it's so small of a closet lol it's an older house.
  4. Hope you can hook up inline fan. I would have went with a dimmable ballast mine ran hot on 450. Now i have 400cfm intake to attic with window open and it's 72. 70 room temp outside closet. I also keep res outside closet and ice it twice a day if not more w/ 2 liters.
  5. I can hook up anything necessary for the job, I just need to know what it is & where to buy it.
  6. LOL thats what i said 500 dollars ago.
  7. I spent only $200 on my 600W hps + ballast (brand new 5 year warranty) got 2 love Ebay right ;)

    Anyways, I'm thinking by what I've read these 400 - 600w are producing a lot of heat especially in a small closet.. So I'm going to need some crazy ventilation eh?
  8. Do you have a link of what light set up you ordered and maybe a pic of your area? You will definetly need to vent, it might still be to hot! Get a wire-less indoor outdoor therometer and do a test with light on and door closed
  9. Check out the size of my grow 3'x4'x7' with some stair to the side. W/ door to closet open and with recirculating fan in clost door. The window open in that room w/ 10'' fan in it. It was running 76 at night 80-86 during day. That was dimmed 600 on 75% 450watt

    I paid 225 600 watt hps dimmable ballast, 600 watt hps bulb. 17x27 6 inch ventable hood and got free yoyo hangers and timer. It was dude named twan of e-bay dude hooked us up with 2 for that price
  10. Since it since electronic air cool will that help with the temps? If not I can move it to a smaller empty bedroom
  11. Yeah you will be suprised by the heat i thought oh 600, closet, and no fan. lol Some of these guys make it look to easy. But once everything is dialed in it's not so bad.
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  12. You need to exhaust the the air with air being able to enter from unless you want to cut holes in the closest door I wouldn't recommend it.

    Even a 250w would probably cause problems, I'd stick with LEDs, T5, or CFL.
  13. Not sure how u can say u live in AZ so temps are not a problem. its hot as hell!
    i also reside in AZ and also have a 600W HPS. i decided to go with a cooltube tho and was pretty much the best purchase ive made. was only $35 extra as well. My tube still does produce a tad bit of heat but i keep my grow tent open cuz its a legal grow with some ducting straight from my AC vents into the tent. works well.
    but id say ur best bet is to just get an intake/exhaust fan of 400CFM or more. but still, in a small closet, a 600W will heat that thing up real quick
  14. Lot of AZ growers in here. Guess where I'm at. :D

    Yeah man I been wonderin the same thing. I'm growin in a 100 cubic ft closet using about 50 cubic feet of space in it (a sectioned-off half) and was wondering if a 265cfm inline fan would do the job on a 600w air cooled hood with hps and mh.
  15. ^^ same exact set up kronikkk... 100cubic ft using about half as well.
  16. I am re-thinking my strategy now and thinking that a spare bedroom would work better for a 600w setup as it has more room for air circulation, fans, a/c units, etc

    How many plants could I grow under a 600w typically? 8 - 10?

    I'm a medical marijuana patient in AZ so I'm trying to start a little setup, this is my first time grow any advice / tips is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  17. please help! i have a 2.8mtr x 3.2mtr space 25 babies (tomato obviously) a 10" inline extractor pulling out at the top of my room (slight blow in the tape around the vent but nothing substantial), and 4" ducting intake at floor level(no fan just ducting using pressure suction from extractor) i use hydro and have 6x 600w hps! i have tried to use an ac unit but after a min or so it cuts out and blows hot air(i think its too hot to run in there)! the temp just read 112farenheit!!!! i can open the door but this is VERY temporary! i need help! any ideas! all input appreciated! cheers oh yeah my humidity is only 20% i left 3 big bowls of water open in there but its not helping at all so i think i am gonna have to buy a humidifier(myster)! thanks again
  18. Spare bedroom would prolly be the way to go. I would still suggest a Grow Tent tho so u dont waste on that light. Also cover up the windows so folks dont see tha massively bright light thru the windows. Legal or not, still dont want anyone to know...

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