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Is a 5 day tolerance break long enough?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by NParsons, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. I've been smoking daily since mid October, I normally smoke twice a day (4-5 bowls a sesh and I always use a bong) and I decided I was going to take a tolerance break for a little while but I forgot 420 is in a few days and I can't just not smoke on 420 so I was wondering if 5 days is long enough or if I should go back to break the next day.
  2. Go back to the tolerance break after. For your tolerance to be significantly lower youll need to wait at least 2 weeks. It will be slightly lower after 5 days though.
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  3. spam. Robots smoke weed too now?
  4. none of the replies on the first post were helpful so I posted it again
  5. so wait 5 days and post it again.
  6. Why wait
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  7. Tolerance breaks are a personal matter. If you think 5 days off is enough for you, then yes, 5 days is enough. I'll be honest, though, if you're taking a tolerance break for the purpose of lowering your tolerance to get even more high, you won't really see much of a difference in 5 days. If you want to be put on your ass, suck it up and take the full month, and you'll be soaring like you've never even tried the stuff
  8. Took a 1 year tolerance break from work...ready to feel the glory of paychecks again. Should I wait another year so the money feels better?
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  9. Bro, that's nothing. I took a one year tolerance break from food. That first bite back was incredible
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  10. I don't get that high as I used to and I got in a lot of shit recently because of weed
  11. optional T-breaks are one thing, an expression of willpower. but let's say you go away (locked up) for 5 days, and the option to smoke does not exist. The 5 days of waiting will feel like hell because you have no power to get out on your own will. In scenario 2, the weed first smoked would probably feel, slightly better than if you had no break at all.

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