Is a 23 watt cfl to much for a 60 watt limit lamp?

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  1. I got a light socket out of a lamp to use for my grow and the limit is 60 watts. When i plugged it in for a minute the bulb got kinda warm. Since its gonna be on for 12 hours wouldnt it be too hot for the socket?
  2. It would seem like perhaps the lamp is too highly powered for the globe?
  3. Light socket = too much power for that globe.
    What's not to understand?
    You will probably blow the globe out or it'll have a much shorter lifespan.
  4. Light bulbs get warm/hot.

    It's almost perplexing you have to ask whether or not light bulbs do.
  5. Wtf is up with all these deep thinking answers? can you answer a question regularly without trying to br deep about it?

    I don't know how else to say it.... :confused_2:

    Good luck, bro.

  7. How the FUCK can people make it more simple?
  8. Tell me is a 23 watt cfl too much energy or power for a 60 watt limit lamp PLEASE!!!
  9. You can use that bulb in it yes, in fact you can get a Y splitter and put 2 of them in that same socket which is what I would recommend =)

  10. Lets say you have a 60 litre bucket - would 23 litres fit inside it?
    The LIGHT would not be too powerful for the LAMP (which I take it as you meaning the bit that holds the light), but the lamp may allow too much energy to be transferred into the bulb which would not be good.

    I honestly don't know how to make that any more straightforward.
    ...If this is a problem for you, I'd consider putting your idea to grow on hold and researching things like MUCH more thoroughly.
  11. Even if they say it's too powerful you can use it, but it shortens the life of the light bulb. You can use the splitters and things like that to equal up to that. So if it is a 60 watt out put, and the CFLs are 30 watt usage you are completely fine. I know you said they are 23 watts, what I would do is up the wattage of the bulbs get a 150 watt which uses 43 watts, and then use the 100 watt bulb of 23 actual watts. It will pull a little over but will be fine.

  12. Thank you sooo mch bro these two other guys were giving me riddles.
  13. That's impossible, the bulb always draws the same current, you can have a bulb that is too big and not enough power to turn on though.
  14. Also remember there are some on here that will give you grief for using CFL lights as a primary source. Don't let them get to you, you can grow decent under CFLs. You just need more of them. =)
  15. Yeah it's the total amount of light that's important here, not what type you're using. Yeah they don't put out many watts so the op would want more bulbs later in the grow.
  16. I dont think it really matters with the CFLs to be honest, I think the wattage rating is more about the heat output of an incandescant bulb and more than 60w would melt the fixture. But CFLs are much much cooler so you can use a fairly big one aswell.

    And of course you can, the bulb takes the amount of power it needs because it has a ballast in it. They connect straight into 240v (Im in the UK) so you could essentially run a 250w CFL in it if you wanted, it would just be a matter of is it hot enough to melt it.
  17. It's purely a measure of power consumption (voltage*current), and I'm refering to the actualwattage of the cfl not the incandescent conversion crap.
  18. [quote name='"passthebilly"']

    It's purely a measure of power consumption (voltage*current), and I'm refering to the actualwattage of the cfl not the incandescent conversion crap.[/quote]

    No Im talking about a incandescant bulb being hotter than a CFL and the limit most likely means that an incandescant bulb over 60w would melt the socket whereas you could probably run a 250w CFL on that same socket if its cool enough. Im talking about the OP thing not light output.
  19. Ah okay, yeah I suppose so assuming the circuits in there can handle it.

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