is a 125w cfl worth it

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Duckyx, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. for 4 plants in a 3 1/2ft closet.

    Iv grown before and Iv grown before with all cfls on 4.

    But Wondering if the 125w cfls 27k and 64k would be worth the buy, around 70$ for the light and reflector kit.

    Thanks in advance.

    this is the last grow. Only pic I can find. ATM
  2. I just helped this guy choose some 200w CFLs online but I dunno if you are ordering them from online or buying them in some store.
  3. Well off line. Shopping around, Im wondering if they are better then having so many cfls plugged into a power strip.
  4. How many watts were the other CFLs you used?
  5. I'm not positive to the answer to your question, but if you don't mind my asking, how much weight did you pull per plant and what method?
  6. I used 5 42w cfls. 6 26w daylight cfls.

    and each plant weighed out to about half ounce each.

    Now I want to know if the 125w cfls in 27k and 64k will be worth it compared to so many of the cfls.
  7. They'll be better in every way. They will put out more lumens per watt and cover more plant area per bulb. I'd get 2 per plant and they will love it.
  8. :hello: I use a 125w CFL and a 200w CFL in my veggy area but I use a HPS for flowering. I believe that many smaller CFL's gives better results but the big CFL's are less hassle, one plug :D. My veggys stay happy under them until they reach around 2 feet tall then they start to want something with a bit more power.

    Good luck, many small bulbs will allow you to hang the lights just above each budsite and you can get them very close. :smoking:
  9. I'm using 2-200w(Hydrofarms)with 4-42w cfl's for 4 plants with good success. The extra 42w are around the center and bottom of the plants.
    Surprsingly the xtra 4 cfl's, the temp dose jump up 4-5*...Something to think about..;)
  10. Your asking if "a" 125w CFL is OK for growing 4 plants? As in one bulb? The answer is no.

    For about $120 you can get a 250w HPS kit that will do nicely for 3-4 plants or a 400w HPS kit that will do great for 4 plants.
  11. You will do much better by adding the 125w to the other lights you already have. More light is always better.....As long as you keep the light close to the plant dose much better, but you probably new that...LOL...Rotating plant 1/4 turn everyday helps also..;)

    Yes, an hps/mh lights are much better for penetrating the canopy and provide more lumens and better yields.

    The big differnce would be the xtra cost of hps light and any heat issues it may cause in your small grow area but, the hps will cover more plant area over the 125w.

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