is 99% iso alright for qwiso hash

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  1. I harvested my first plant ever:hello: < I place this here but there no smilie to show how happy I am, so I wanted to use the trim to make qwiso, I bought 99% iso but but I heard you should not use over 91% will it still work? also should I grind up the trim.
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    Im not sure if you can use it at that strength, but if you need to bring it down you can always add 9 percent of the volume in distilled water to bring it down to better percentage.

    Find out what nine percent of your volume is, remove that amount from the bottle, then add back the same amount in water.

    I personally think grinding is not necessary, but check out the threads that discuss it at length, they are very informative.
  3. The less water in the IPA the better. Ive never seen that over 91% is bad, but less is definitely not the best. The more alcohol, the more that evaporates and leaves nothing behind but the THC laden hash.
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    99% is better then anything lower! Don't grind anything. Freeze the trim and the ISO first. Shake for only 15 seconds. You will be happy with the results!

  5. this pretty much says it all

  6. I think it'd be fine but you should be sure not to let it sit in there for very long or it'll draw out the chlorophyll, and faster at a higher percentage.

    Grinding up would probably just make it easier for it to extract the chlorophyll so I'd say just leave them.

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