Is 90 too hot?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by frankie b high, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I am doing a closet grow and currently in veg state. I've been running 24 hours on. The closet I am growing in is in my room and when I go to sleep I shut the door. It usually stays cracked during the day. The temp reaches no more than 90 when the door stays shut and typically stays 75-80 during the rest of the day. The door is shut no more than 6-8 hours. I was just wondering if that is too much stress on the plant or if I should do a 18-6 so it wouldn't get so hot in there for that amount of time?
  2. Vent the door.

    What is the reservoir temp?

    That is the one that really counts.

    If you are growing in soil, not so much.
  3. Well I can't do anything to the door because I rent. And I am growing in soil. I was just thinking I could do a 18-6 and just schedule it around my sleep schedule. Just wondering if 90 was too high for those lengths of time, if not I'll just leave it on 24 until I flower.
  4. 90 Is a bit high, I would aim for <85. I know it is hot this year, everyone is dealing with this. You may consider 18/6 and even making the dark period during the afternoon when temperatures soar. Things will cool off in a few weeks, til then reduce photoperiod.
  5. 18/6 is better for your plants anyways man but i have grown in 90 and thats about the limit any higher death will come if it were me id cut the lights during sleep for 6 hrs a happy plant will grow way faster
  6. 90 in soil is too hot, stunts growth, unless using co2, open windows, get more fans, raise pots up off floor so air circulates all round, like big bulbs says, alot of ppl are having heat issues, Waite till winter is here and you have to start using heat bars and the like, more electric, lol

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