Is 90% THC a lot for a dab cart?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by k0ru, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. A while back I tried out a dab pen for the first time and I was a little disappointed with the price compared to the quality. It was a dank vapes sour diesel cart, 90.20% THC. Between me and some friends the thing was gone in a couple of days, it never really seemed to get me very stoned. I have hit off of what I think was 94% THC cart one time, and it gave me one of the most intense highs I've ever experienced. Is 90% just super low for dab carts or is there a chance my dab cart was filled with some lower quality THC oil? I do think it was THC oil because I did get pretty buzzed from it.

    EDIT: Just to clarify, I took about 2 massive hits off of the 94% THC dab cart and I couldn't do anymore, this dab cart had me feeling like I was just vaping for a while.
  2. I’ve seen carts in the 90s but never buy them. Most the carts I’ve purchased were in the 20-60% thc. If u got the bunk cart at a dispensary and u were disappointed with it I just wouldn’t buy that brand again, there’s a few brands I avoid.
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  3. What are some brands you'd recommend?
  4. I buy a house blend dispensary supplies itself all organic outdoor grows when I do buy. A lot of ppl I mingle with buy buddies and select. I’ve never purchased either I do know degenerate and hush are trash though.
  5. I agree with @GorillaGherkin I go with lower THC carts. The high 90% THC will destroy your tolerance.
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  6. Been seeing and hearing alot about Dank Vapes selling bunk carts, just was reading about how a guy took his he ordered and had it tested due to not getting high from it just to find out it contained 0% thc, it was loaded with the same shit you would find in spice. After trying a few different carts from others that would order them I have now decided I won't ever use a cart ordered again. I know too many people that make there own in my area and just don't trust anything ordered. Found it's best to know exactly what you're vaping/ smoking these days, way too many fake products out there these days.
  7. I use a 70% cart from my local dispensary and it works pretty well, they are expensive for what they are but I know what is in them, the effect I get from them and can legally hit my pen in outside with no worries. I haven't trusted black market carts for a couple years, way too much hot dog water going around
  8. No matter what the thc count alot of vapes dont get me as high I am buying from a medical only dispensary so it's pretty legit on all carts. What I do see is certain strains work better in the carts thn others, as in the intensity of the high.
  9. I hate Dank Cartridges. They’re not regulated.

    I’m medical, I use only cartridges without any cut MCT etc.

    I use @90-95% cartridges and concentrates around 85-95%. I smoke bud as well. I enjoy the different effects. Although honestly I can’t stand the taste of weed in any way except a joint.
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  10. Yea it's usually safer to find some distillate and try to make your own if you're in an illegal state than buying carts, they are almost always fake and cut with who knows what.
  11. 90% thc carts are common in the PNW, they are weed distillate mixed with terps some natural, some not. they range from 80%-90%
  12. The ones that I've picked up at my dispensary have always been 90%+ THC.
  13. I honestly don't recommend anyone buy weed or pen, unless you truly know the source ie. Who grew it etc. You really don't know what's on it. Of course same could be said for food but yeah...

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