Is 90 degree tent temp ok?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by JustDream, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. The inside of my grow tent is 90% and 68 humidity is that ok? I have a small fan in there to help the air circulation. Any other suggestions or advice?
  2. My first grow was in my garage in the summer so it was always 90 with like 70% RH so I had a fan inside blowing between my lower branches and a small duct fan installed to push air in. obv I had my exhaust fan going as well but yeah it's not optimal but you can still make it work.
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  3. As long as you keep a breeze on them and watered, they'll be fine. They grow in the harsh climates of Pakistan and the hot climates of Jamaica.

    If you are worried, put a bucket of ice in your tent to lower temps a bit.
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  4. Make sure you have a lot of air flow to minimize mold. In hotter temps I've found Sativa's do better.
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  5. Like others said, 90 is okay but not ideal. Perhaps an inline fan with some ducting bringing in air from somewhere cooler

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  6. To help offset high temps that you can't control, it's best to run lights at night.
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  7. I’ve done it in 90-94 temps before.

    Not ideal for sure just keep a lot of air going in there......
  8. Keep the roots as cold as possible but yeah it will grow. It's just a weed and in the summer it get 95+ here for a few months.
    Just move a lot of outside air across em'
  9. Plants can take it, but many electrical components are prone to fail at operating temps above 90f.

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