Is 80F too hot ?

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by bobtheslob, May 12, 2011.

  1. Finally finished setting up cab and with 1 x 65 and 1 x 125 cfl it is running at 80F is it this ok ? I have a prima c filter and a 4"tt inline fan and a 12" pc fan as a circulatory :)
  2. nope but thats kinda warm, my box is 85 and its harvest week for me, check out my sig to see what i was able to pull off with those temps.
  3. if ur co2 is increased to optimal levels you should operate around 85. Otherwise, i think you should shoot for 78.
  4. In my grow tent I usually have 80-82 with my 1,000w HPS on...Plants like it. Im not running co2 but I might to help relieve any possible stress. :)
  5. I agree with the posters thus far. In my room, temps going up to 82 are not uncommon. I'd like to say I did well on my first run with 'less than optimum' climate. Check out the link in my sig, and you can see the outcome with a overheated room, low humidity, and no Co2 enrichment.

    Hope that helps. Peace for now.
  6. Your more then fine plants i got goin can handle 90's without stress
  7. you can run at constant 90 if need be
  8. Really ???

    I am stressin over 82/84F


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