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Is $80 for a quad too expensive ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bannanamannn, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. My dealer is outta town so I asked another guy who I've never done business with, said he's got strawberry cough from Seattle (we live in mn) he took pics & it does really look like strawberry cough, but normally I pay $60 for a quad. Should I pay it or is he trying to rip me off ?

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  2. Yeah unless its so covered in tri's that you cant see green. Too expensive man
  3. I wanna smoke without going broke it ain't a joke
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  4. Seems like a normal price if in an illegal state. At least it sounds normal for my area.
  5. It depends vastly on where you live. Going price for a black market ounce in Oregon right now is about $100. In Alaska the going price for an oz is 350-400.

    When I didn't grow I regularly paid $100 for a quarter so it doesn't sound like a lot to me. It depends on what a quarter goes for in MN. If it's super good quality compared to the standard stuff $20 more seems reasonable.

    I grow dank and I hate it when people try to talk me down because I know my weed is probably better then anything they can find and it will last much longer because of that. When you have crappy weed you always want another bowl. When you have dank you set a bowl down before it's even finished and forget you were smoking.
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  6. No. I get fire bud delivered to me for 80 a quat. You may find it for as low as 70 a quat, but its a rare find......
  7. It's from another state so I figured it would be more expensive

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  8. no, thats a decent price
  9. Alright, Billy. Here's the scoop, you either go without until your dealer gets back, or suck it up and pay black market price. That's the thing - price can and will fluctuate. 80 isn't bad for an illegal state. To get absolute fire here it runs 90, unless you're on good terms with the supplier (then you might get it for 80).

    And a dealer can tell you it is whatever he or she wants...doesn't mean it's strawberry cough.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Looks like it to me compared to what I've seen. And normally his quads are $60 but he said this is more expensive, otherwise there's cheaper weed I can buy

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  11. When I did go black market I always went with the best stuff I could find even if it cost a little more. There's nothing worse then blowing your wad on a stash for the week or more and opening it up to smell some crap buds knowing that you'll have to put up with it until next payday. It's almost depressing to a real pothead. I'm freaking happy when I can smell the sack in my pocket it's so skunky.
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  12. Good point man, I also like sativas alot more even though indica hybrid is what I normally get from my dealer :/

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  13. If we're talking Quad turbo laser cannons...I'd say that's a steal.

    For a quarter. 11.5/G isn't bad at all, depending on your tolerance/quality. I'd buy a gram tester personally before dropping for a quarter.
  14. I'm good

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  15. Who cares what we think it's your money. If you feel like it's worth it go for it. Personally I would.
  16. The thing is he's sketchy so I feel like he would give me regular shit

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  17. If your worried...go for an 8th at 45. It's only $5 and you get to see if he's got solid or not. Gram test. Smoke before you buy. There's a lot of options.

    His stock could vary a LOT too...if you feel uncomfortable. Get LESS.
  18. I've always paid 100 for a quarter
  19. What state?

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