Is 8 hours of sunlight enough?

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  1. I have two plants growing outside, but my area is covered in trees, so very shady. They are in pots outside, and both around 2-3 inches tall. Maybe 3 days old. They get sun from sunrise until 4:30 or so, and then they're shaded. They look mostly good, but I just wanted to be sure.
  2. the more sunlight obviously the better, but yes they will grow with 8 hrs
  3. Plenty. With enough soil and food you can get close to a puond with 8 hrs direct sun
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    Shade during the Hottest hours of the day is good thing if you ask me. Most plants prefer Morning Sun. Summers here are hot, humid, and dry (lately). Hell I wouldnt be surprised if my area starts having a monsoon season. LOL. Rains all Spring then barely a drop until fall. I am
    hoping for a wet summer. Overdue.

    Your Location seems Ideal. Focus on your soil.


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