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is 8 days an effective t-break?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dannnn420, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. if ive been a 3x a week toke for about 5 months and then a daily toker for about a month?
  2. yeah but you quickly gain it back try 2 +weeks
  3. I did a month and it made a big difference
  4. Really depends on how active you are. I work out every day, as well as smoke every day (about a year and a half now). Every few months my tolerance builds too high and I take a break. For me a week resets my system pretty nicely to where I can get those intense highs if I wanted to. Two week breaks and I'm basically starting over smoking again; my natural tolerance is pretty high so any longer breaks I feel don't help me.
    If your metabolism is slow and you have a sedentary lifestyle, try a 2-3 week break upwards to a month and a half. Judge downwards from there based on your fat content, activity, diet and general marijuana usage.

    8 days for me would be a pretty decent T break, but as p2d said you can get it back pretty quickly.(tolerance). I'd shoot for 2 weeks if your already 8 days in.
    It takes from 1 - 2 months to completely metabolize all the excess thc in your system, so the longer you hold out the better
  5. Yea if you only smoke 3 times a week that would be fine. But as the guy above me said you gotta workout hardcore. Speed up that metabolism. And even then you should really go for more like two weeks.

    If you aren't gonna workout i suggest taking the 8 day break. And then only smoking on weekends. Not at all during the week.
  6. You only smoke 3x a week and you need a t-break?

    Shit if I smoked like you..That would be my t-break :cool:

    I think t-breaks are more for the daily and heavy smokers than your
    once in awhile social smoker..... There is not much tolerance build up
    in only smoking 2 or 3 times a week....Just saying bro......:bongin::poke::bongin:
  7. Might as well go the full 4 weeks and get the complete t break. You get crazy high for a week or so when you start puffin again.
  8. Should be, im a heavy toker and last sunday i blazed, then didnt blaze until friday but when friday came along, i got pretty high from sharing a joint and then flat out ripped after 3 fat rips out the g bong. I usually have a high tolerance but the last month ive been tooking about half the week and only like one-3 times a day, so my tolerance is low, its awesome ;D
  9. 8 is more than enough for me. I've been on longer and more consistent breaks as of late since my unemployment since the summer, but I recently went 7 days and smoked a blunt and a bowl with 4 other people and got messed up. Like "I don't want to do this movie you're filming, I think I'll just sit here and be blazed, kay thanks" messed up.

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