Is 500 to much to spend on a bong?

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  1. So how much do you guys spend on your pieces ?
  2. To each their own. Some spend way more. I would never personally. Its just a tool for me. I never have paraphanalia I worry about breaking. The bongs I have serve a purpose that's it. They can be replaced along w/ any paraphanalia I have.

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  3. Yeah cos all your lookin for is a reason to snatch it out of someones hands when they come over so you can make them feel like they was being reckless with it and tell'em that is a 500 dollar bong do not touch.

  4. I don't like to go over $30 for a piece because they break. If I had the Donald's money, I would invest in a $2000 bong.
  5. I'd like to see a Stone Bong one that mirrors a 35-50 dollar glass bong. Be a lil heavy though but you could stick it in the freezer.
  6. Word, I agree, it defers from person to person. Me personally, though, I'll spend anything I feel is worth the price, but generally I don't go for anything above $100. I bought a $30 that hits nice, but this $70 that I just got is fucking perfect and compares to no other $200+ piece I've smoked out of.
  7. I gave one that's 3/8" thick white quarts, its damn near indestructible and cost $80.

  8. Where I'm from in Canada your either paying 200$ for quality or 50-100$ on Chinese crap that will break when the lighter heats it up so all in all I think it's worth buying quality but also agree that don't be tight and let people actually use the thing
  9. Most I've personally paid for a bong is like $70. One of my friends bought my wife and I a nice two footer with an ash catcher for $175 but I just can't justify paying that much for a smoking device. To each their own though. Must be some killer glass for $500

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  10. ya my self look for prices around the $150cad mark... but it has to be thick 9mm. the only way I could see paying more bones is if it was thicker. like 11 or 13mm thick
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    Do you have a pic?
  12. I'm just gonna throw this out there if you spend over 100 - 150 on a smoking device. You better not put any herb in it that didnt' cost under 50 a gram but that's in illegal areas. You catch my drift.
  13. So it's okay to spend 600$ on a volcano ?
  14. I would not spend over $150. Some people get too caught up in this stuff.

  15. Depends how pretty it is [​IMG]
  16. no one answered the volcano question it all really does all end up as "to to each their own" if your on a budget of course your going to get the cheaper one but if you have extra cash and who gives a fuck of course your going to get a volcano cause that's the bees knees and still be able to buy weed
  17. I bought a 7mm 18" beaker and I only spent $120 - my favorite bong.
  18. Yeah, but I would buy 500$ worth of edibles

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  19. I own multiple pendants that cost over $500 let alone all my pieces do as well. but it's never about the price, it's about the art. When someone comes over and see's it i explain the art to them not the price.
  20. I personally don't pay over $200 for a bong, there are a lot of good brands like Tech Tubes out there where you can scoop a 9mm piece for a great price. But I see the art in pieces, the only thing with me is, if it's beautiful to look at, I don't think I'll want to smoke out of it.

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