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is 500 mg a lot?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by DoctorReefer, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. i'm buying oreo cookie and creme bars and it says they have 500 mg thc, how much will that fuck me up? I have a high tolerance, but still, that sounds like a lot.
  2. C'mon dude..


    ...knowing the metrics system is the only positive stereotype about stoners.
  3. Half a gram. Just in case you cant read the chart
  4. .5 grams of 100% THC.. That's like 2.5 grams of most dispensary bud(20% THC) I'd like to think that get anybody pretty stoned.
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    i dont think that is right... the 20% thc isnt '20% of the weight is thc' its 20% of the gases after being vaporized is thc.

    i think 500 mg is a shit ton and will fuck you loooong and hard... but im not sure, i dont live in a medical state. ask your dispensery?

    now that i think about it... that sounds like a really bad idea :confused_2:. i mean think about it, when have you ever been able to eat just 1 oreo? theres no way to eat just one. your fucked. that oreo will be your undoing!!!
  6. I don't live in a MMJ state either, but I know in Amsterdam 500mg is either half a gram of good bud or half a gram of kief, depends on the place.
  7. yeah i'm not retarded, I know the metric system, I was just wondering if 500 mg THC was considered a lot, not 500 mg of bud. thanks to everyone for the help though. A for effort bob, u gave me a chart and everything lol
  8. these people are saying they are very potent and to eat like less than half
  9. You're welcome champ. :wave:

    Those people are pussies, if you eat too much you'll just be super high longer.

    As long as you aren't one of those people who gets super sick when they're high, you'll be fine eating the whole thing.
  10. when I give them out to my friends, i'm going to be cutting them in half, thats 250 mg thc, will that be enough to fuck them up? 500 mg was the most they had in the edibles that I could choose from the rest were either like under 200 or I think the cookies and brownies were like 400
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    1g of potent bud with 20% THC content = 200 mg

    And that will get most people SUPER high (hallucinations + couchlocked + 5 min. feels like 1 hr.) If that's your goal, go for it; If you just want to get stoned as fuck, go for 125 mg, it's enough to get fucked up for 6+ hours. If you start to feel bad, you can try to correct the problem or fall asleep for 12 hours ;)

    If you were to take the entire 500 mg. . . you'd be literally tripping. Read this about a guy that ate 3 grams of hash: http://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=72928 and/or http://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=10105

    If you get too stoned:

    #1. Focus on something that will really keep your attention. Best of all is a friend. Do not be afraid to tell them that you feel shitty, it really helps. This also usually sparks up an involved dialogue which makes you forget how terribly panicked you were.

    #2. When too stoned, the ancient remedy of the Hindu holy men is sugar melted in butter. It works pretty good.

    #3. Do not concentrate on your breathing if it is your breathing that is bothering you. Ignoring what you think is wrong with you is the best way to get rid of such feelings, especially in light of the fact that those feelings are never real.

    #4. As noted before, and with the hope of not sounding vulgar, having a wank, along with the old favorites of brushing the teeth or taking a shower, usually works too.

    +rep if this helped
  12. 500 is a fuck ton if it is activated
  13. 500 mg is a lot. I have a really gnarly tolerance, and I have to eat 150mg just to get a threshold dosage. If I were you, I'd eat half now and save half for later. You'll be waaaaay high just on 250mg
  14. that^, i generally eat around 100mg activated and i smoke boulders best weed all day long.
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    How does one determine the potency of the baked goods?
  16. I had 700mg yesterday first ever edible experience and I am still pretty high as a pie now, I feel brand new, reborn, I dealt with a lot of deep issues yesterday on my trip, although parts were very scary I'm glad I ate it all.

  17. When you go to a dispensary, the mg is usually printed on the wrapper. No real way to tell when you're making it yourself.

  18. LOL


  19. Trust me eating hash is far deeper and trippy than any shrooms or unmentionables Ive done, blew my socks off!

  20. You sir are not familiar with extreme high dosages of edibles.

    You are also not familiar with the medicinal system of edible labeling.

    You are only spreading ignorance in this thread.

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