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Is $50 for 8th for Buffalo White a good prize?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 101barclay, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. hey guys, my dealer is telling me he got some very good buffalo white for $50 an 8th. Is it worth the $50? I usually get cans for that prize.
  2. Depends where you are, if you enjoy the smoke, if you can afford it...etc...if you can answer yes to the two questions...then yes, its worth it

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  3. I'd say to the dealer; "ON YOUR RECOMMENDATION, I'm going to pony up the extra bucks".
    Then, I'd buy it (IF he still recommends it) and for a few bucks I'll then know that when he recommends something...
  4. Haven’t paid that much for a 8th since the 90s
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  5. Yea that sounds ridiculous 400 an ounce?
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  6. Well... we can't PRESUPPOSE that WE know how much HIS reefer usually costs.
    I looked into it, today. Where I am an ounce of pot costs $280 on the open market; that is $35/eighth.
    The same purveyor sells what he considers 'premium'... and charges $50/eighth.
    I'd 'look him in the eye' and ask if HE thought that it was worth the extra fifteen bucks.
    If he said so, I'd buy it.

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  7. Not knocking it bought lots of weed over the years still do on occasion. If it were still illegal or I didn’t grow my own I’d throw down 50 on a bag but wouldn’t b sharing with no one.
  8. It's all bullshit what dealers say about it cost this much more for this strain ect.. I personally wouldn't pay any extra because you're paying for a name:confused_2:

    All of my dealers sell for the same price no matter what the strain:confused_2: the only time it changes is if they've paid less then they'll give me more for my money :laughing:
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