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Is .5 grams a brownie enough? PLEASE HELP ME!

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Uhcats, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. I have 5 grams of dominant sativa bud, should I even bother making it into brownies or just sell some / use the weed myself? I'm not a big time stoner, I just got my hands on some this weekend and am weighing out my options....

    If I did make brownies, I'd make ten & sell each for $5. So .5 gram in each one. My customers wouldn't be big time stoners either, give or take a few who may be.

    I've heard some people making a batch with 5 grams and cutting it into 32 portions, whereas some say 1 gram per brownie is barely enough!

    I've made cookies before for my friend's birthday with butter but plan I'm making it with oil this time, for it's easier, simpler, better, stronger, etc.

    If anyone can comment with their opinions on how strong each brownie will be and anything else they think will be helpful, it'd be strongly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. .5 if it's good bud would be enough for a not very heavy smoker to have a good high, that said, I really think that you should just sell the weed if you want to sell it.

    Ten brownies at $5 a piece is only $50, whereas an eighth (3.5 grams) generally goes for $45-65 depending on where you are. Your price per gram on the brownies would be $10, while selling the weed by the gram could get you $20-25 per gram if it's quality and depending on your location. Financially, it makes more sense to sell it straight unless you'd up your price per brownie.
  3. Yeah thats enough per brownie man.
    If you use dank it'll probably get you stoned off 1 brownie for around the range of 6 hours, depends how good the pot is though and is also subjective to the users tolerance.
    Good call going with oil, I encourage you man eating bud is awesome :]
  4. The strongest high I ever had when eating brownies was using 20 grams of weed in a 32 oz. bottle of wesson oil. Then we doubled the amount of oil needed for the recipe.I mean hellow moon jupiter for several hours,haha.:devious:
  5. if you did it properly you'll be blasted
  6. I'd imagine so. I've personally made super brownies (decarbed the buds in the microwave first and had them sizzling on low heat in vegetable oil for 40 minutes) and they were potent as FUCK. They are the only thing that give me red eyes, and I didn't even need a large dose.

    Granted I used 7 grams and it was dank, but man, they were good. Totally worth making.
  7. me and my friend matt used 7grams and made 20 cookies from it. each cookie was a good high, and we sold them at $5 apiece. 7g around here goes for $70, so selling all 20 made $30 more. if we hadn't eaten any. as is we still made a good sum. so believe me, baking makes MORE money. at least with prices here. we used weed BUTTER though, so i'm not sure how that varies from oil. can't be by too much i shouldn't think

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