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Is 5 bucks a gram?

Discussion in 'General' started by xsubxwooferx, May 25, 2009.

  1. Im from Tenn/GA border and I found new dealer with low mids and sometimes high mids and sells both 5 bucks a gram...that legit?.and Quarter is 35bucks for 8 grams a gram a blunt?....I was told today that gram is a joint?
  2. A gram for me is about 4 joints. 5$ a gram is a good deal, but its probably bad quality. Those prices are very good. And a blunt is usually 1 gram or more, I've seen like 10 gram blunts, that doesn't mean there very common though.
  3. ya im from tennessee and straight mids cost 10, i havent had any 5$ in a while. dank still cost 20 though...i dont know if were allowed to talk about this but whatever
  4. That's pretty cheap. Where I'm at, for good shit it's about 10 per g. My first guess would be it's schwag but ya never know.
  5. Jus depends on who ya know.

    Back when i used to buy so little. I could get eighths for $15 of some decent mids. Hes do 4 for 3.

    But Crownic, 4 joints in a GRAM!?!!?

    Weigh up .25 and roll a 'joint'.

    Thats no joint homie.

    Thats a super short toothpick pinner.
  6. yeah theres probly 2 joitns in a gram for me and maybe a bowl.

    im going to guess its bad quality, but for 5 bucks hell, even id pay that and just smoke mad blunts.

  7. It should be fine, not talking about dealing just prices. unless the op is a crafty dealer trying to figure how much to sell his new stash for.
  8. 2 joints in a gram? what? sounds like everyone's rollin pinners :rolleyes:

    but shit, i would buy dirtweed for $5/g. hmm, now i'm curious as to what i pay per gram.

    $90/14= $6. so, maybe i wouldn't buy dirtweed for $5/g, but still, decent prices.
  9. That's about what I pay per gram.
    But I don't go any lower than a quarter while buying, I'm sure my dealer would cut me a deal if I just had to have it, but I don't like to wasted people's time for that little. Unless I'm there with someone and just throw it in conversation all nonchalant like. :)
  10. If its dank itll do the trick :)
    i usually end up smoking two of them anyways, just easier to share, dont have to pass a joint, can just each have their own
  11. Good prices. Usually people sell .5 grams for 10 bucks and call them 'grams.' Especially to people in highschool. People don't seem to know how much a real gram is these days. The only way to know for sure is to have a scale, or a lot of experience.

    55 bucks get's me 8 grams, and it's good quality.

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