is 400 watt HPS overkill?

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  1. what kind of light should i use i was thinkin 400 watt hps for a 15"x45"x6' or 7' for a 3 plant DWC system im using mylar for the walls and i got my ventilation figured out just curious if maybe im doin over kill
  2. The price difference will probably be negligible over a 250W, and 400W is much more efficient than a 250W. As long as you can handle the additional heat, and are able to hang the lights slightly higer, go 400W. Not NECESSARY for your space, but it also give you the option of expanding to a bigger area later down the line.
  3. 400hps is perfect for what u got
  4. im using a inline exhaust system an passive intake
  5. dont forget the carbon scrubber (if needed for smell)
    I have a 3x3x6 tent and I got a 400w in there. (its the grow in my signature below)
    I havnt had any problems with heat or burning. Although im still using mh , hps is about a week away.
  6. wont the mell leak out anyway from the passive intake also im using the things on the side of houses the small vent thingys like on the outside by the dryer to cover my intake so hopefully to much light wont leak out
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    is your air intake coming from outside or inside ?
    i'am planning growdrobe 23"wide 20" depth and height 45", but my air intake is coming from inside the room, in winter it's gonna be cold, but till then about 15 - 20 degrees celsius.
    would it be possible to use 400w hps with one exhaust fan, and intake will be non-return air valve? i'am afraid of heating, and not ventilating it properly.

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