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Is 4 grams for 60 a good deal?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Dedadoo, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. I'm new to this. This is my first buy its from one of my boys so I don't think he'd fuck me over he doesn't know it's my first time buying either. I'm not getting fucked here am I?
  2. Depends on quality and location, but doesn't sound like a bad deal..
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    Dude, how we supposed to answer a question like this... depends on so many things.
    Me personally- I'd be like what.. da FUCK? If I was charged $60 for an 8th... cause $40/8th is a typical, decent hook up for the firest fire. & even that is questionably worth it... I'd prefer to wait for good hook ups aka family friends to get me half 0s for $25. 
    But hey, some people are out of the picture and can't get shit for hook ups. In that case, just ask yourself what you're willing to spend.. 
  4. you live on the east coast and its dankits a good deal.
  5. what everyone else said about outside factors and whatnot.
    but for reference, i've bought 4 grams for $60 before.  regularly buy eighths for 45-50.
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    We go by 3 classifications in my area, dirt mids, mids/high mids, and dro (hydro). 60 dollars for 4 grams of good quality hydro is fair. I used to pay 50-55 an eights from my best connect for the best dro i could find. Dro that is low quality (not flushed well, moldy, not cured well) goes for like 40-45 an eighth in my area.
  7. Pro Tip: Hydro shouldn't be used to classify the quality of marijuana. you can grow shit mids from a hydro setup just like you could the ground. It's about the strain and the quality of care the supplier puts in.
  8. Thanks guys. He's coming to drop it off now I guess I'll find out how good it is when I get it. I just don't want to get fucked my first time lol
  9. Hydro/dro was the term we coined to weed with nice crystal coverage, sweet smell with that weed punch, good hairs, and potent. It's not something that should or shouldn't be done different people, different terms.
  10. Post pictures and get it weighed out in front of you before you even pull any money out of your pocket
  11. Get it weighed in front of you before you pull out any cash, unless you know the bag is fat.
  13. Never mind dude bailed out.. He said hell get me 5 for 60 tomorrow.
  14. bullshitter don't even waster ur time...
  16. Probably.... but he's the one that's coming to me so I'm not wasting my gas so fuck it if he wants to bullshit and not drop it off fuck him. I'm not going to him though
  17. i get 8th's for 35 or 40 so i could get 4g's cheaper than 60 but my dealer is my bro who i've known for like 10 years and he always cuts me deals.  around here 4gs go for maybe fifty bucks
  18. in louisiana 60 an 1/8 is good idk where you are though

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