Is 2230ppm normal when starting at 250?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by karumbakuwa, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Soil grow. After a nutrient burn scare last week I flushed my dudes and thankfully was taught how important ppm is before a disaster.

    I just finished mixing up my solution. My tap water is really alkaline so I balanced the ph and the starting ppm was 250.

    In a 5 litre container using advanced nutrients I put:
    20ml grow
    20ml bloom
    20ml micro
    10ml b52
    10ml sensi cal mag
    10ml voodoo juice

    After that, my ppm was 2250. Wtf? So I've just watered it down to 800 and got the ph to 6.5/6.6.

    I followed the instructions that are on the bottles so what is happening? Am I doing something wrong?

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  2. What feeding chart are you using? Seems like you're mixing about 4 times what is needed.
  3. I'm following the directions on the bottle '4ml per 1l' for the main 3 (grow, bloom, micro). I also double checked this with the advanced nutrients app, defining my 'reservoir' as 5 litres and it tells me to add exactly what I added.
  4. Could it be that I adjusted the ph before testing the ppm? Perhaps the ph-/+ are toxic monsters.
  5. Why would you check the advanced nutrients app when you're using GH Flora Series. It's probably 4ml per gallon, not 4 ml per liter. The bottles that I have don't say to use that much.
  6. First off, how old are your plants? I never follow the doses of nutrient bottles/schedules to the dot. They always tell you to put too much. What you should do is only add a fraction of what the bottles say, maybe 1/2 or 1/4 or something like that because obviously 2250 ppm is way too much. To lower it, try adding smaller doses of each bottle. For example, if the bottle says to add 4ml, add 2ml instead or 1.5ml. Do that to each suggested dose. It may take several tries to get the final ppm to what's right for the plant's stage. Also, your starting ppm of 250 seems high. Try to start with some R.O. water or some store-bought purified water. It's recommended to start your water at below 100 ppm.
  7. Not GH mate
  8. You're supposed to adjust the pH before you check the ppm.
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  9. Sorry I missed that.
  10. My plants are about 4 weeks old now, started mainlining them and LST to control the grow due to stem mishaps. I'll give that a try next time mate, seems it's all I can do then. My girl has been asking about getting an RO filter for our drinking water so that's gna happen soon now I know that what we drink is almost poison.
  11. Good to know, thanks. So either the directions on the bottle are waaaAAAYYYyyy off or my cheap ass 5l watering can is far smaller than it claims :) Going to follow cannabliss' suggestion and just go slow next time I mix it up. What else to do :bongin:

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