is 210 watts of flouros enough

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  1. hey people I just had a quick question Im thinkin about veggin 5 plants with 225 watts of power 1 150 watt worklight to place on top and one 60 watt in the middle or sumthin like that plan on vegging for like 6 weeks you think I need one more 60 watt please help thx a fellow grower:D
  2. if my by flouros you mean flouresent lights then no. do NOT use flourent lights they dont produce enough usable light to grow your plants! get some high pressure sodium OR metal halide bulbs.
  3. I already have a 400 watt HPS on reserve but cant use it yet do to extreme heat buildup savin up for a vortex FYI gonna turn on the HPS once it time to flower so you guys think 1 60 watt is enough or two please help thx

  4. What!?!? CFL's are just fine for growing man. Not sure where you got that info from. There are many-a-grow on here done with fluoros. No 60 watts won't be enough for 5 plants. 225 watts will also probably not quite be enough for 5 plants. If you want your 5 plants to be lit EFFICIENTLY go for 400 watts.
  5. So I guess I will be purchasing that xtra 150 worklight and an xtra 60 watt really 75 watts so at the end I will be left with a combined wattage of 450 watts I think that will be enough for vegging (didnt know home depot was so cheap lol)
  6. You usally wanna run 70 watts per SF with flouros.
  7. Are those actual watts or "equivalent" watts?
  8. whad up,

    that'll work.are they compact floros? had a plant give 2oz's of the kindest kind all organic with 5-24w cfl's an 1-70w hps:smoking::smoking:
    remember the lower the watts an the higher the lumens the better.

  9. those are actual watts
  10. im growing 3 plants and 1 of them is 2 1/2 ft and i was only using 160 watts of fluoros until today i added another 23 watt but its enough
  11. How much was the bulb? I don't think it's actually 150w's. 150w cfl's are about $80+. It's probably a 42w which is equivalent to 150w's of incandescent light (lumens). Besides, the highest watt cfl's i've seen in home depot are 42w's.
  12. allright since those are 42 watts what do you think is the minimum amount of watts for 5 plants total
  13. well i vegged 3 plants off two 42w's and then stuck them under my 150w HPS after 2 weeks... but that was becuase i was getting the light shipped to me... now i just veg under my HPS...
  14. For vegging you'd need probably atleast one of those lights per plant, even then they won't be getting alot of light. HPS lights are a much better investment. I mean 5 42w cfl's with sockets is going to cost you like $60..and for that much you could make your own 150w hps light. For flowering you'd need probably atleast 2 cfl's per plant.
  15. I have a set up of 5 27w fluoros and the mama there (big one) yielded almost 6 1/2 oz, and the babies had a lil over 2 oz each... i vegged them for appox 7 weeks and another 8 - 10 weeks in flower!! (Ps Mama is still kickin it now in a 20 g pot

  16. r u serious 6 and a half ounces holy shit

    got any more pics of ur setup?
  17. I would like to see pics of this 6 ounce plant.
  18. man you people still dont get what im trying to say go to look at the 84 watt bulb now examine it touch it caress it now stick it in your ass ding what im trying to know is will putting that light bulb in my 150 watt socket burn my house down basically P.S sorry for yelling but im serious we gotta think of a way to get get him out his sweet virgin ass is on the line:D
  19. how about helping us to help you and giving us a link to the EXACT bulb and lamp about which you are talking???

    If the bulb has a built in ballast and you screw it into a 150watt ballasted fluorescent lamp, then you will ruin the bulb or ballast or both. If it is an 84 watt CFL without a built-in ballast, then you will likely burn out the bulb or ballast, or both if you screw it into a 150W fluorescent ballast.

    If all you're screwing it into is one of those clamp on work lamps that is designed to use your average everyday bulb (incandescent), AND the 84W CFL you're talking about has a built in ballast, then YES it will work jsut fine.

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