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Is $20 a gram...?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tyro01, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Is $20 a gram too much?
  2. thats the usual price around here for top notch bud. though it is still overpriced if you ask me
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  3. thats what I pay for good shit
    I pay $10 for weak stuff though
  4. $20 a gram is too much, but sometimes you gotta pay too much for the dankest.
  5. that's about right for my area if your not getting hooked up by your dealer
  6. Usual price around here lately. Sometimes I'll get a deal and get it for 15 or something but not lately.
  7. 20 dollars in standard price for a gram in my area.
  8. yeah, it's usually 20 a gram for some decent dank, nothing spectacular though, they're tryin to charge 25 a gram for awesome buds now in my area, it sucks.
  9. $20 a gram is standard were im from, 3 for $50
  10. 20/g for good bud, 25/g for great bud in metro atlanta
  11. killz for 10 $ a gram here: 6-7 $ for regz, but I live in vancouver, bc so i guess the currency conversion is different
  12. 20 dollars for a gram?
    i'd say yeah your paying way to much
    i'm paying 20 for 1.7 grams
  13. If its dro. If its not dank, then no. Sometimes prices go $25 for real good shit
  14. for dank its a legit price
  15. $20/g is what the High Times quality buds go for around here. Aside from that, I wouldn't go for it.
  16. I pay $10 for shwag
    I pay $10 for dank
    Here the price doesnt change no matter the quality for a single gram.
  17. lucky sob...
  18. Sucks where I am, that's what about it costs also.
  19. $20 for a g of dank bud is normal in my area. Its the most id pay for a gram though.
  20. 30 for 3.5 of dank
    10 for a gram of dank
    25 for 3.5 of mids

    but im in toronto.

    if i were in a place where dank is20 i would buy mids, hopefully for 10 a gram

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