Is 18/6 better then 24/0???

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  1. What is better for plant growth? 18/6 or 24/0??
  2. No one can prove either one better than the other. Its all just personal preference and they have their pros and cons. I personally use 24/0, but that is just me. :)
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    Thats what im doin now. Can u check out my hawaiian skunk grow profile and tell me what you think of my ladies? Im about to move some more outside tomorrow.
  4. I think 24 is better Im doing a side by side now and the 24's are way thicker than the 18/6.
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    Nice. Im just gonna keep them under 24 then just put them in the ground in a day or 2.
  6. dark is scientifically proven to promote stretch...


    If you want to decrease some factors for stretch one is to run 24/0 the other is to have the lights close to the plants....

    Thats really the only difference I know of.

    I run 24/0
  7. I just posted on your journal I would wait on your smaller plants. Let them get almost 1 ft before transplanting outside. A slug would eat those small ones in about 5 minutes seriously. They look great though nice job
  8. The side by side I am running shows the same averaghe height but the 24/0 are more stout of a plant the stalk is twice as thick and the branching is a little more developed
  9. Closer internodes? I'd assume so...Also, packing as many lumens as possible into the space is greatly advised!
  10. Defin apreciate the input guys! Im gonna wait until they get a little bigger like you said. I cant wait to see how big the biggest one gets outdoors. It has 6 tops now!! I wish i had a delorean so i could travel in time to harvest day!! Hahaha

  11. 24/0 is easier to manage to unless you get a timer. I've kept mine on 24/0 cycle. 18/6 is cheaper obviously on the energy bill but I live in Atlanta and GA has near the cheapest energy in the Union. 11 cents KW/Hr!
  12. I run 18/6 only due to the reason that I believe there is no place on earth that has a constant 24 hours of light and like us surely plants must need time to rest........ No?, plus I have also heard that during dark hours the plant uses it's energy for root growth but please don't quote me on that only information I have heard

  13. Either or will get you results. 24/0 is like one big ass long day. Other then marijuana cultivators many large scale indoor food producers use a 24/0 cycle to increase output. If it was so bad there would be tons on this board and others complaining about it.
  14. Neither one is bad for the girls.. 24/7 will put you about a week ahead of 18/6 from what I've seen, but 18/6 will save you on your powerbill.. The choice is then up to you..

  15. So the root production at dark hours is false?? (just so I know if so il run 24/0 next grow)
  16. i run 247 and the root's on mine are ducking huge.

  17. If that was true then all of our plants would be the size of clovers from no root production. Take a look at the pics of peoples grows on here the majority run a 24/7 set up and grow some massive plants.
  18. Ahh cheers buddy got given some false information off rollitup
  19. Ahh cheers guys got given some bad information on rollitup :)
  20. Ive been using 24/0 bur figured it wouldnt hurt to get someone elses opinion on the subject.

    How long after i switch to 12/12 indoors will i see pistils and bud formation? Im used to growing outdoors so im not used to bein able to see the plant every day.

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