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Is $100 for 16 grams good? Better than mids

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ItsNvarBois, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. Yeah so basically my birthdays coming up soon and trying to blow 100 bucks on some bud is 100 for 16 grams good? Apprentice toker!
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  2. Yeah its a pretty good deal. As long as its some kush.
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  3. Thanks man

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  4. that's not a bad deal, even if it's just good mids
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  5. Is a good deal
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  6. 6 and a quarter per g. Not bad these days
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  7. In my area, you can't find mids for that price, well done sir.

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  8. That's nearly 300$ worth where i live.
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  9. Nevermind I'm going to spend 150 on a ounce way better than mids

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  10. 16 grams is 405$ where is live... some people live the dream
  11. Where do all you live where your getting charged this much. I can get 28 grams of mid for $70-$80.

    Can gets 7 grams of kush for $80.

    But OP if your getting some premium quality weed thats a good price.
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  12. East coast, $20 grams $50-60 eighths, and so on until $250-300 ounces for dank. Mids are generally about 25% off of that so not really worth it to me. Sucks but it's what it is.

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  13. Not a bad deal, bro.

    Smoke it up.

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  14. Don't know why it has to be just kush. There's lots of other top shelf genetics other then kush.
  15. Because kush sounds fun.
  16. Kush smokes fun.
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  17. Damn you guys on the east coast are getting ripped from the sounds of it
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  18. 50$ a q 90 for a half for dank
  19. After reading up i see i was under the wrong impression of the variety, that it was more loosely defined. It does come down to preference though, seeing as it's indica dominant.
  20. I recently bought some Master Kush. I don't know what the fuck it is, I've never tried it. But it smells better than anything I have ever smelled in my pathetic life.

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