IRS Sent 46,378,040 in Refunds to 23,994 ‘Unauthorized’ Aliens at 1 Atlanta Address

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    Man this so makes me want to scam the IRS seems like a very easy thing to do. 

  2. i kinda wish i was an illegal immigrant now, they seem to make more money than the average citizen, and still reek in all the benefits the legal citizens get
  3. Sharing this on Facebook. Too bad only one person will read it.
    Thanks for the share, as usual. :)
  4. Yea. With all tue political rants i post in surprized all my democrat friends havnt unfriended me lol.

    I was a hard core liberal in high school. I eat up all the gay marriage equal rights pro abortion envriromentalism lieing shitfest.

    Then i realized thay all my idealist views were actually the opposite of what my party wanted.

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  5. That's absolutely ridiculous. That seems fat more criminal than smoking a joint. What will happen to any of these government employees? Most likely not a damn thing.

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  6. What benifits do they get? If they get a tax refund that means they payed their taxes like everyone else, except they will not recieve benifits such as welfare, medicare ect because they are illegal.
  7. come to NC you will see, they get welfare checks, wic, ebt checks, medicare...they get everything normal citizens get
  8. Texas too

    Grow it and smoke it... Hopefully.

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    No, you can just make up an employer and make up a salary. And its extremely difficult for them to catch you, because unlike an American citizen you do not have to put a Social Security Number, the same person could apply for thousands of different tax numbers using made up names. 
  10. Holy shitsnacks

    So how can this be fixed?
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    Eliminate income tax, people are always going to find ways to cheat the system especially with the United States' gynormous tax code, now preferably I would want no taxes, but if you have to have a government you can charge user fees and tariffs. A user fee would be like what some local governments do with garbage collection for example, tariff is a tax on a good preferably foreign good like coffee, (this will create inefficiencies in the economy but is much more prefarable to an income tax and it encourages a small government. This is how the government used to get revenue.
    And they claim children that have never even been in this country, or may not exist at all

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    I live in NC and I dont think thats true. Ive worked alongside illegals and they told me they couldnt get any government assistance because they had no social security number, yet they still payed taxes. The only way I could think of them getting welfare is if they have children who are american citizens.
    Well they still cant get any government assistance unless they have a social security number.
    The child credit thing should get fixed though.
  14. chances are, they are probally using fake social security numbers then...cause i know for fact they are getting ebt checks, i use to be a cashier, how do i know they are illegal? because you have to be able to speak conversational english to pass the citizenship test...and they don't speak english to any of the employees, i don't care what native or non native language they speak, but if they can't even speak even a little english to employees of stores, so people can understand them ,then something is wrong with that.
  15. I knew that ugly bastard ET had a dodgy look about him.
  16. Here in Cali you have more rights as an illegal. They recieve almost the same benefits that tax payers get, but they don't have to pay taxes. Also they can drive a car with no drivers liscens and not get arrested for it because they can't get a DL because of thier status as illegal but we can't arrest them just for being here illegally.
    With that said there are some that are trying really hard to do everything legit so they can become citizens and they pay more in taxes then the average American. Those are the ones that will at least drive with insurance.

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