Irs Attacking Specfic People..opinions?

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    So all this stuff has been coming up about the IRS targeting specific people and activist groups. Mainly republican groups. Now it seems that Obama has been the one choosing who gets attacked since he's talked to the IRS commissioner once every five days, more than any other president. I for one think this is wrong and just plain low.

    I forgot the guys name but he had back to back audits from the IRS, something that's unheard of. All the audits went to court and the guy won all of them. But as soon as he won one audit he got slapped with another, the guys accountant even got slapped with an audit for helping out the guy getting audited. All this because the guy is a known republican who isn't scared to speak up against

    Edit: Wayne Allyn Root is the guys name. Here's a link to his story.
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  2. This is straight up evidence that the government is corrupt all the way to the top.

    People should be rioting about this, but barely anyone gives a shit.

    I personally think this is beyond fucked.

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  3. Sounds about right
  4. You know that the previous IRS head got forced to resign because he was giving everyone tax exemptions. This is the new guy so obviously he will talk to the dude to make sure everything is working right.
    Not everything is a conspiracy man. When Bush was president I would have believed that the government was really corrupt then, but its not as bad with Obama.
  5. My uncle actually talked about this. Hes happy its happening people who likely got breaks will be targetted an corrected IHO

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  6. There is absolutely no evidence that any instructions came from Obama. If you though you had some, you should have linked it.
    No administration should target political foes. All those appling for that exemption should have been investigated. :smoke:

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