Irresponsible when high

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mur, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. i really hate it when people get really irresponsible after smoking.

    one of my best friends of 8+ years does the most stupid shit when high. i love chillin and smokin with him, but it makes me kind of nervous.

    last week after blazing we came in late at night and it turned out he left his bowl in the kitchen counter, (which my mom of course found and was not happy). last night, after hotboxing his car, we were parking in my driveway and he fucking lurched the car forward right into the van parked in front of us. broke the fucking bumper. he does this stuff ALL the time and it is really frustrating. i always berate him for doing shit like that but it never stops him:mad:

    anybody else have this problem? after i smoke, (alone or with other people), i am ALWAYS extra careful with shit like that
  2. Sounds like you are being the backseat driver haha. I have friends like this and I've known them long enough to know that they will never change!

    Ur better off to go with the flow on this one and live every day like u dont give a fuck :bongin:
  3. Yea best thing you can do is just try not getting into a situation that could potentially get you into trouble. Some people will just always be sloppy and careless
  4. Cousin almost crashed into a bunch of trees going 50 by drifting on a gravel road. People are stupid. No doubt about it.
  5. Im like that all the time except 10x worse its like doing irresponsible shit is in my nature lol.
  6. I can't stand people like that,that's why they are the ones that usually get caught.

  7. In my experience they always usually luck out, and the people who take time to cover their tracks and be responsible always get caught due to some stupid little thing.
  8. I've had several friends like that. For some reason, they just can't hold their shit together. I still hang with them but I won't smoke with them anymore because I know I am gonna be super pissed if I get busted because of the dumb shit they do. I hate having to be a babysitter for people like that. It definitely kills my buzz. Just don't put yourself in the situation. You'll be a lot better off.

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