Irony.. Such a wonderful thing..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Opi420, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. So, Went to a friends house around 3. It was her birthday so i brought a lil green for a present. So we go to this baseball field behind her yard and chill on a hill. I left the bowl there after the sesh and wouls return later. So we go back to her house and her mom (real Italian) makes lasagna for dinner. Eat that shit up. Then we grab my guitar and a bat and ball to go chill at the feild. Its almost dark around 7. and as were walking away her mom on the front proch was like. "you guys gonna go play some ball, Make a circle and play tunes an smoke pot eh, Thats cool." ROFL almost died. I was like. "lol.. Can't lie" lol fucking irony is thats what i really was doing fucking werid man.. so fucking high.
  2. Haha yeah tht's pretty funny.
  3. anyone else got s story like this?
  4. did she sound pissed or like she was joking? Did you reek of weed or anything?
  5. yeah sometimes when people ask me where i'm going i'll be like "just gonna go camping and fish a little... probably have a bong or two" and people laugh and think I'm joking.
  6. she said it kinda joking kinda. We prolly did smell did smell

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