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Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by Ironhead, Apr 8, 2016.

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  1. I'm not pissed off at anyone man. Everyone has their own opinions and ways of growing. He just came across in a way that didn't sit well with me from the very beginning.

    I realize I'm not gonna get along with everybody in life. He is gone now.. same will be for Raven if he keeps it up.
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  2. I know that Iron
    That one guy would write a book and than delete
    He was butt hurt
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    Thinking maybe I'll do a understanding ppm/ph and GH 3 part schedules thread. Just to give a lil insight to the way I grow...

    not my method or anything, I just follow the chart. Show how I do that and add nutrients and such.

    Could be helpful to some. I like the 3 part way more than the Lucas. The plants are thriving on that Gro yo.
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  4. I like it
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  5. I would love to see this new thread. Just got my bottle of grow. I'm keen on this schedule.

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  6. Don't sweat the PH runoff.. just the ppm is really what you want to concentrate on. Just make sure the ph is set before watering and you should be good to go. You calibrate your meter weekly righhhhhht? Faulty PH meter will throw ya off real quick.

    The burn is from not watering til runoff. When I said give it a splash, I meant for like a day after a transplant, then water til runoff and read it.

    When you came back in here and said you still hadn't watered til runoff... I was like . Perhaps our lines were crossed on that one. You need to water til runoff every watering just for the simple fact that you need to be able to read the medium to see what's goin on.

    I really only skip a day on the plants that are freshly transplanted, or if I over water them and the stems turn purple and the growth slows to a crawl.

    I think it mhappens much less now that I'm off the dang H3ad formula.. something about giving super heavy feeds to small plants always had them quit drinking water til the "pulled thru it" or just got older to where they could take that 900ppm ya know?

    Such a waste looking back. Now I never feed over 700-750ppm in veg and 600-650ppm in flower.

    Thing with the H3ad formula is that you can grow huge plants, but they don't yield.. I mean it's just base nutrients.. and I truly would know, I grew with only base nutrients for a long time. The additives, mainly Floralicious and KoolBloom have me hitting crazy numbers and the thing is, it also helps with the quality. The bud I grow now is the best quality stuff I've ever grown.. I think that's directly related to using these certain additives.
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  7. Yo Iron!
    Thought I'd drop some pics from my 4 plant 3gal hempy grow at 8 weeks in flower.

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  8. Okay bro! I gotcha now! Ill start watering every other day until there is runoff. I havent watered since monday, so ill rinse first today, then feed. Yes i calibrate my pH at least every few feedings. Do u ever calibrate your ppm meter?

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  9. iRON
    I want to run a batch of autos
    How do ya think they will do in coco following the chart?
    I never grew autos before and want to give it a fling
    have you seen what the auto growers can grow
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  10. I don't see much need to calibrate my ppm pen yet.. it's still working just as good as the day I got it.
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  11. I think it will work out great for ya. Pretty sure this will grow just about any fast growing annual.
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  12. Nice man! Bout to be smokin that good good.

    See the curved down leaves? That's the plant telling ya there is a buildup within the medium. I got it bad with Hempies too.. no matter how much I flushed the ppm would rise like crazy.

    Not my favorite container! Glad to see you have done better than me with it.
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  13. So that's that. Gonna close this hoe down today. There truly is no reason to keep it open any longer.. look for the understanding GH 3 part plus Ph And PPM thread coming soon!
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  14. Will you post a link to it here when you create it please?
  15. Looking forward to the new thread! I personally learned a lot in here, and that's what makes growing fun, always get to keep learning!
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  16. As per Iron's request, this thread is closed.

    Looking forward to your new thread when you have the time Iron.
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