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Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by Ironhead, Apr 8, 2016.

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  1. I just Ban people who don't get it
  2. In your thread tools there is a way to perma banned
    Im sure you are aware of this
    Sorry for the people harassing you bro
    I grew my 1st lb plants following both your methods so you are on right track for sure
    and thanks for all the times you helped me LOL
    There were lots of questions remember
    I love coco
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  3. What's up Iron . Long time .... My seedling die if I water them everyday .. Yeah I tried and I killed like 5 seedlings .. Tester seeds too .. I was upset but I leaned ...... Ones the roots are established its on and popping .

    Maybe it's my environmental conditions .. Idk but yeah I think you gotta let them dry out a little when young ...I don't agree with every thing you say but I do agree with this ... Don't let that shit get to you bro .. Everybody is an expert on the Internet .

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  4. What kinda world would it be if we all agreed on everything... some people rely on books and studies... other people rely on experience. I'm more of a get my hands dirty and figure it out myself kinda guy. Might take a lil longer but the end product is definitely worth it.

    One thing I've learned is that everyone's definition of "growing well" is vastly different. The 6/9 might be working "just fine" for some people.. but not for me. The General Hydroponics DTW expert feed chart has been the best thing since sliced bread for me. All my plants look great.... and my standard of looking great is growing exponentially every harvest.

    Growing in coco coir is a combination of reading and understanding PH and PPM, plus also reading and understanding the plants, which can be the trickiest part, but can be the difference in a good grow and a great grow.
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  5. I'm having trouble getting my pH up Iron. My runoff ppm i got down to 600, & im going to rinse and feed again tomorrow when i feed them, but man is my pH jacked up. The runoff is coming out at like 5.4-5.5. Which is terribly low

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  6. Still getting burn tho, & its starting to burn on the new growth

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  7. Iron someone just asked me and I was not 100% sure
    When you flush have you adjusted your PH with plain water
    and then the Florakleen 10mls do you PH that as well
    I said no because I never PHed flush water before have you?
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  8. I just googled General Hydroponics feed charts. I have a lil booklet with all the feed charts I got from the grow shop a few years back when I worked there.. the simple one is in there.. along with the Drain to waste and recirculating..
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  9. Absolutely bro ...I love a little diversity .. Different opinions and keeping an open mind keeps me sharp . You do grow some grow some beautiful plants . Prob some of the best looking plants I have seen in the city . You gotta be doing something right .

    Make me think . Make me question myself . Those are the conversions I love .. Somebody that proves me wrong has done me a favor . I welcome that you said in one of your earlier post though , a little tact goes a long ways

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  10. #1890 Ironhead, Sep 21, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2016

    So funny how they come in here and talk shit and I'm the asshole when I balk back. Hahahahaha

    Look man, I think you are really the only person in here learning anything.. I might just shut this hoe down.. it really has nothing to do with what it was first started as... it's all completely different, but I really don't feel like making another thread... that would be version 3.0. And I'm not really doing anything more than following the GH feed chart, it's not my method whatsoever... just following along with what is known to work.

    Look around on the interwebs long enough and you'll see everyone has their own way of growing cannabis and their own opinions on it, some just express it better than others.
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  11. Damn bro! I truly do appreciate all the help you have given me, & i have learned a lot throughout the way! I plan on switching to flower soon i guess. So i may be dm'ing you some! Lol

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  12. Hey Iron before you close up shop, do you PH your flush water with the FloraKleen? And do you think there is any merit to what that dude said about adding the nectar to flush water..? It doesn't seem exactly feasible to me to "flush all the taste" out of buds that are 6-7 weeks along but.. I have been wrong before, not to proud to admit that.
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  13. Before you shut this down, Here's a cool thread with lots of hands on testing and trial and error to send people. :smoking:
    The House of Iron
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  14. Na.. no need to ph the Florakleen towards the end. I never ph the flush water.

    I don't think adding anything to the flush except FloraKleen and water is a good idea. You want all the salts out of the medium... and especially FloraNectar.. that's Magnesium Sufate aka Epsom salts.. it adds to the ppm, so why would I ever flush with that?

    Another noob trying to talk big and falling on his face.

    Worst part of the forums is stoner science like that.. then you get folks questioning what they are doing altogether, switching shit up, and ultimately wishing they hadn't. Haha follow along with what's known to work and you will have great results.

    Flush with FloraNectar.. geez.
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  15. I haven't done it personally but I have been seeing more and more cases of people flushing with this:
    2 grams/gal epsom salts
    2 grams/gal table sugar

    I wish I could tell you the exact reactions and

  16. That's pretty much what's in FloraNectar.

    But it still doesn't make any sense to give extra Magnesium or sugars during the flush. I want it all out of the medium.. not trying to put more in there, ya know?

    I'll let someone else smoke Magnesium sulfate. Haha I want my ppm at 15 before I chop a plant down.
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  17. Iron did I say something that pissed you off too?
    Thanks for getting back
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  18. Hey Iron, don't let it get you down. Some people just like drama. Keep up the good work and I'll keep the dark...watching....(draws slowly on a blunt)...I like to watch.

    Sorry I'm full of bad jokes, I have hung around Stiggy thread for too long.
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  19. Shit Phil
    I thought it was the other way around LOL
    I guess I am a bit of a
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  20. i was not trying to be at all disrespectful.

    sorry if i offended by sharing any personal experience

    that was certainly not my intention

    and to share opinions in this thread, you are right, by now i should have learned better

    thanks for the correction, won't happen again
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