Ironite vs Greensand

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  1. Ive been having trouble finding greensand locally for my teas, but I found a product called Ironite (1-0-1) derived from urea and some other fun stuff, but is this a suitable replacement?
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    I would keep trying to find some green sand and/or lava sand to use
    If you can't find any, you could then try Ironite and see if you get any good results with it

  3. IMO, using greensand in a tea won't have much benefit. In fact, greensand can take up to 8 years to fully break down in soil, so a 24 hr soak in a tea brewer will hardly merit it's use other than providing some large anchor sites for fungal hyphae.

    It is important to have a small amount of minerals in a tea, primarily as an anchor for fungi to attach to. I like to use glacial rock dust because it is the texture of talcum powder. I use a shot glass full in a 5 gallon brew, and while it will not significantly "break down" in the tea, it will supply millions of anchor points for fungal growth.

    Greensand is best used in the re-mineralization of soils at an agricultural level. In container size growing however, there are better options. (Azomite, glacial rock dust, soft rock phoshate etc.)

    Remember that the primary focus in tea brewing is to breed microorganisms that enhance the biology of the soil structure.



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