Ironheads method for success

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  1. I read somewhere in these forums that he no longer uses that particular method. From his words. Share some knowledge on the new?
  2. I'd leave those bricks in there man, not knocking anyone's growing style but the whole point of watering to run off is to flush excess salts out and to stop them accumulating in the first place. I mean if you water to 10 % run off and let the plants drink it back up your kinda defeating the object. Peace out.
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  3. @SWIM obviously, thanks for the IRONhead recipe you posted above thats a real easy to follow routine you posted. Also if there's any problems am I right in saying you drop the 'floralisous or roots excelerator' depending on if your in bloom and flower and go back to the basic recipe until problems clear up?
    This looks like a really nice easy nutrient line up to follow man, I've been growing on and off for a couple yrs and would like to follow this line up. I think I'll continue reading until the end of the journal and perhaps buy the complete line up once my current grows over. Thanks all you guys for the input and advice into this technique. Shedhead out.

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