Ironheads method for success

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by Ironhead, May 27, 2015.

  1. Iron Stop responding to this thread quite a while back
    He used this method and it worked very well, I know because I used his method for a while myself.
    I was able to get a few 1lb plus plants with 4 months vegging time then flower.
    He has since changed to an easier and cheaper way, mostly I believe 3 part coco that is widely used.
    He does not use a lot of the stuff listed here in new method, He has changed it quite a bit right down to when to flush and etc....................................
    I too was hoping he would come back and do a new write up on his new method myself.
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  2. Above
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  3. Guess I'm gonna go with this method for now. Thanks !
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  4. He changed it because he was having a lot of troubles with the nute levels climbing all the time
    The runoff was always way off as far as ppms .
    Maybe he can advise you if he sees this,
    I like this but like others have said the stuff is expensive and most likely there are much better ways to grow in coco.
    Iron was fine tuning his method
    I do believe,
    Maybe he will chime in.
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  5. I don't use a lot of different things these days because I've found most of them to be a waste of money. How will you be growing? What containers and medium will you be using? How about your lights and fans and humidity and temp control? DSCN6637.JPG I grow in 5 gal buckets in a coco coir mix. I have a shelf of stuff that might occasionally get used, but mostly just sit there. Haa! DSCN6638.JPG
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  6. Lol thanks STIGGY I'm all fu*ked up now !!
    lol but hey ill start with the old an learn something else as I go
  7. iron changed it all around
    I would just read them for the coco aspects, Iron is a great grower
    and has refined his method but has not really posted the new way yet
    I too hope one day to see the new method
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  8. Definitely agree Iron is a Awsome grower!!! Ill start going threw the other journals as well thanks again bro
  9. Ironhead, do you use the drip clean with every nutrient feeding?

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  10. Hey Iron head, with the drip clean, do I add that to every nutrient feeding??? here’s a pic of my blueberry’s I got going in my closet! Thanks![​IMG]

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  11. Hey iron head have you ever used fulvic acid in your grows ? I use the same as you but different brands but I also run fulvic acid

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  12. Awesome thread. Ive been looking into coco for my first grow. But chose s different route. Currently on my first grow in pro mix. (Kicking myself in the Ass now) And hands down this has convinced me. Thank you kindly sir. All the info I was curious about. With the added bonus of the secret formula.
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  13. The new formula will be the best thing to grow with coco.
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  14. Tell us more
  15. Please tell

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