Ironheads method for success

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  1. iron what type of lights u using
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    I think he's still using hid running vertical. And dual spectrum, one hps and mh.

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  3. Does anbody know if there is a strength and seedling to harvest feeding schedule on one of these pages? Got to 14 and ran out of time for today haha. great stuff though, definitly want to switch to coco next grow!

  4. Hi.

    Run on over to his other thread he's talking about it now: The House of Iron
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  5. Unfortunately I don't have access to a lot of these products mentioned on the first page! Brands seem to be limited over here.
    I tried to match it with the canna line, I think it's the best i'm gonna get replacement wise. Will this work?
    Canna Coco A + B
    Canna 13/14
    Canna Boost
    Canna Rhizo
    Canna Cannazyme
    Canna Flush
    Great White mycorrizol
    Epsom salts (also have calmag)
    Unsulphured mollasses

    Canna coco professional plus

    Is this going to be similar enough do you think? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
    Peace :gc_rocks:
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  6. I'm not sure if it will work like ironheads method, but I used that exact list for a while with very good results

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  7. Oh well that's good to hear at least. Did you use everything exactly the same or did you have more? Are you getting better results with another nute line up in coco?
    The right information can be so fragmented I think. Your experience would be greatly appreciated bro.
  8. I used the A, B, rhizotonic, cannizym, pk13/14, and boost. It's what I used for my first grow posted on here. Now I have an organic soil and canna bio boost

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  9. So just to check, using this method means watering with nutes every day except when flushing which is 3 days nutes 1 day flush 3 days nutes 1 day flush and so on...?
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  10. This is what I did and had great results
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  11. Dam dude! If you did 'This' with great results, I'm gonna try it! (What is 'This', by the way?)
  12. Hope all is Good Bro
    Long Time no posts
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  13. So does this method still work? I seen his new posts where he changes a lot of stuff and now he uses a ph/ppm pen.
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  14. Probably the nute schedule and all he does lol.
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  15. There was no basis to start with. No pictures or explanation of anything. Just a statement. For example, 'The weather is'.
  16. Interesting. I just go to page 1 and it showns everything he uses and how much he uses.
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  17. Interesting. I just go to page 1 and it showns everything he uses and how much he uses.
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  18. Dude, if you notice, that was a response to a guy who made 1 post, not iron's old and ridiculously expensive recommendations. I don't know anybody who still uses more than 10% of that stuff.
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  19. If you wanted to, you could use Floranova bloom all the way through and do just fine. I use a little of that and some microbes and none of the potions from back then. DSCN0107.JPG
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  20. I'm just trying to find a recipe I can go by. Bout to start growing and would like to go by this or something. Maybe I'll try heads formula. What do you use?
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