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Iron Transfusion

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PriMo XVII, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Iron transfusion tomorrow.

    Is there any medical reason as to why I should not smoke weed the night before? Could the fact that THC will be in my blood and all that have any bad effects tomorrow? Will they see it in my blood while doing the iron transfusion?
  2. You know who could answer this?

    Your fucking doctor.
  3. It has no effect. Smoke up.
  4. I live in Texas, I have no doctors I can ask any question about MJ. I came here incase anyone knew or has had iron transfusions before.

    Thanks for being a dick though.
  5. I know a guy. He had one and he had plenty of weed in his system...
  6. Well, the only way that they're going to see THC in your blood is if they test for it. And unless they're testing your blood before they begin the iron transfusion (and even if they are, they have to look specifically for THC), I can't see any possible way that they'll know it's there. Smoking the night before shouldn't be a problem either. Just know that, so long as you're in the United States, they cannot test you for any drugs without your permission, so long as you're of age (I'm 99% sure).

    Also, have you had an iron transfusion done before? Because certain people actually have allergic reactions to the iron after the transfusion is over, which may require a few extra hours at the hospital while they treat you with Benadryl.
  7. Why the fuck not? Are you over 18? Why can't you ask your doctor?
  8. your sig is awesome futureama right?

    and i dont see why not

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