Iron Man

Discussion in 'General' started by sky dog, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. ....:eek:

    Did anybody just see the trailer for Iron Man?

    Looks fucking sick! Robert Downey Jr. looks crazy in this! They just played like an extended trailer during the commercials on The Daily Show.
  2. I havent seen it...but I love the song by black sabbath, especially in the beginning when you hear "I am iron man!" funny as fuck seeing as how im always blazed when i hear it
  3. Watch and learn
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  4. :eek: I cant wait for this shit! Robert downy jr. ftw!!!! look so awesome, and funny.

    Only corny part was the black sabbath music, but other then that it looks awesome!

    speaking of Robert Downy Jr. anyone seen kiss kiss bang bang? that movie is amazing.
  5. i saw that shit and it looks like it will be a pretty good flick
    especially the graphics when hes flying beside the fighter jets.
  6. i wonder if robert downey is on that powder again. lol. thats right i said it.:D
  7. Iron man is the shit. My fav hero off all, i remember being real young hoping that iron man would come out on the big screen. chea!
  8. oh damn i'm super blazed but that honestly looks like probably the best movie this year. damn. im excited.
  9. Only one man can play Tony Starks
  10. ghostface haha that is tony starks but YO i got another alias besides phat toi and thats STONY STARKS! haha comes from being high all the time and playing the iron man character like a maniac on the marvel vs capcom2 video game. BUT YO I CANT WAIT. im more excited about this than transformers
  11. Well, it's coming out next year

    And the best movie this year is Superbad. On this, there can be no debate.

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