Iron Man 3 Inducing Anxiety Attacks?

Discussion in 'General' started by Winegums, May 23, 2013.

  1. Probably wasn't a good idea to watch it absolutely ripped... I had no idea that watching someone else have a anxiety attack could induce one in me. Wasn't a very pleasant experience for me at all.
    Anyone else ever watch someone freaking out while you're high and start to get freaked out too?

  2. I got a boner during that scene where he first met that little boy for some reason.  I can see why you got anxiety from watching Tony Stark get a panic attack though.  Anxiety is a mental thing, and you could relate to his feeling thus inducing your own anxiety.  Being high didn't help lol
  3. roflcones. im gonna be seeing that this weekend. probably blown to the dome too. been maybe 3 years since i last went to a theatre. 
  4. Speaking of anxiety attacks, some theater hired people to come in during the movie dressed as characters. One of them was a guy with body armor and a fake rifle. I would have beat the shit out of that guy after aurora :mad:
  5. Lol you are one weird guy. 
  6. someone said "blown to the dome"
  7. I saw ironman 3 in 3d so fucking high ha, t
    About two rows back like 5 seats over some guy said loudly "smells like drugs". We must of hotboxed for 45mins

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