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Iritable Bowel Syndrom

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by territhemayor, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. CAn anyone show me some links about weed and its medical benefits pretaining to Iritable Bowel Syndrom? Thank you :D
  2. thanks for that link. I'm pretty positive i have ibs, especially after this morning... its really terrible. I never tried smoking though to help it, deffinitely gonna try this now.

    Are there any states where you can get a medical marijuana license for IBS? I live in RI which has MM, but i dont think there are prescriptions for IBS.

  3. Surely. I'm a suferer, and it's highly effective.

    There are a thousand more. Google 'cannabis and ibd"


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  4. Dude, you don't know yet how fortunate you are to live in Rode Island.

    IBD is not only treatable with Cannabis, in many cases like mine, it is the only substance that will relieve the pain and allow a person to live a half normal life.

    Go to a good IBD specialist. You may have Chrohns or Ulcerative Collitis (UC) . Here is a good site to do research on the disease itself: -- PLEASE, do yourself a favour and read the forums. There is a LOT of very good information.

    I am a sufferer. I get pain that is off the scale, for weeks at a time. It puts me in a fetal position. I cannot concentrate on tv or anything else. It's an absolute deal breaker, only allowing you to groan and lay in bed feeling miserable for yourself and in utter pain.

    At first I was told it was all in my head and nothing was wrong with me. Then I was told I had IBS. IBS is "Irritable Bowel Syndrome" which means its not a discrete disease, or ratehr a syndrome that can be caused by who knows what. In other words, they dont know what causes it.

    A few years later, pain became unbearable and I was told I had IBD. Again came a round of colonoscopies and all other pleasentries (colonoscopies are seriously painful, the prep is the worst, you have to gulp down galons of fucking laxative mix to clean yourself out totally then suffer yet more.

    And here I am.

    2 years ago I found that pot helps.

    There are a MILLION studies.... Dude, don't guess. Rode Island is the pimp daddy of CBN programs. You don't know how lucky you are.

    I live in a state where I can loose my kids, my home, my job, my life, and my money all vvery easily procuring medicine. And I pay 250oz for the privilage, even the pot isnt up to snuff half the time.. How's that for kicks.

    I'm really considering moving to the west coast. You.. You're set.: )

    Regards! Feel better!
  5. Dave, thanks alot for the info, it was very helpful. I had another attack the other day, and decided to smoke, and it helped so much. My pain immediately went away and i felt normal. As far as getting a MMJ license and whatnot, im not sure at all how to go about it, for a few reasons. First of all, i have never looked into it, dont know where to go and how to ask for a MMJ license. Second, I'm 18 and still live my parents (well, going to college in 2 weeks) and i'm sure they wouldnt react well to me wanting medical marijuana (especially since my dad is a pharmacist and would want me to swallow some useless pills or something). Third, i havent officially been diagnosed with IBS, although my countless hours of research lead me to beleiving that its deffinitely what i have. But your absolutely right, i need to get my condition checked and look more into getting a MMJ card.

    hope you feel better and all works out, and thanks a bunch for all the links/info
  6. i saw this thread and thought i would chime in: i was diagnosed with IBS about a year ago and got a colonoscopy. i got a perscription for some medicine which helped a little but nothing compared to what my MJ does for me. helps the pain, my stomach, and my anxiety worrying about not feeling well and being able to finish things in the day etc. i live in ky or i would have a card for it as well. keep us posted on how everything is going
  7. I have been suffering from IBS for almost two years now and not to mention the depression that goes along with it, as it basically controls my life. Countless trips to the doctors, multiple colonoscopies, extensive tests, endless prescriptions (one which I think I'm now addicted to, Ativan) And none of them worked. My Mom has known that I have been smoking since I was 17 to help the pain.

    I was supposed to go to college this fall but decided not to because of my health. I finally convinced my mom to let me move to Cali, and I'm moving out there this December. She is going to help me get started out there and I'm moving with a friend. I live in Ohio now, so I will be leaving all my family, but if thats what I need to do to get healthy then thats what I'm going to do.

    Oh, and we plan on moving to Bakersfield. Anyone from around there?

  8. I am from Bak0!
  9. I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, while not exactly the same as IBS, and smoking MJ is a real life saver. It helps with the pain and helps me eat since I have lost a few pounds due to the UC. Still considering getting a card since I live in CA and I have a documented history of this illness. Even though the feds have busted cannabis clubs and only a few users, I am wary about having my name in some database. I know there is a Doc/Patient privelage, but can't the Patriot Act and the new FISA update bypass that protection?
  10. I've got IBS caused by Autonomic Dysfunction. MJ is a fucking life-saver. It's the only thing that makes my life half-way livable.
  11. my g/f has IBS which gets pretty bad and cant work when we have no weed but when were smoking, shes very happy and can work no problem
  12. Do you get medical from Bakersfield?
  13. Wow, its interesting that you posted this. I just recently was diagnosed with IBS. They ONLY thing that seems to make the pain go away in my stomach is MJ. I noticed it way before i was diagnosed, though. Without MJ the pain is so terrible i wouldnt even be able to get on GC :( Thats a sad thought.

  14. Yup. That describes me to a tee. Forget working, we're talking laying in bed in a fetal position as opposed to leading a normal and productive lifestyle.

    I would be an unemployed recluse writhing around in pain without it. I was there once - not a pretty place (especially when you are married w/ kids. :p)

    A child can see this. Why can't our 'elected' leaders? Could it be..... $atan?

    Great link:

    Stay well

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