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    For those of you who dont know me my name is Irish Boy. i am a Medical Card Holder, with a prescription from a doctor to grow cannabis for my Medical Conditions.

    for about the last year i have been growing and testing out different led grow lights, to find the best of the best and see if led are even worth replacing the HID lights we use. i was given several leds to test and show the forum members how the work. Ive used a pro source 90w ufo, and free 180w ufo, a free HGL 126w. well this time a company called me a free 600w led light to post a grow journal and show you how their light grows. i have yet to find a led light to replace my HPS. but i figured ill give it one more try and do it big with a 600w led light. my goal is to see if this 600w led light can match 600w hps watt for watt? This light is different from any other light ive used. its a 600w 11 wavelength LED grow panel that uses 3 watt/3 chip High Power LED's at 90 degree viewing angle. all the others ive used were 1w leds in the past.

    i am going to grow 4 plants on this test, all in 5gal pots with Sun Shine#4 soil.
    all 4 girls will be LST and veged with 24/0 light and allowed to grow up to 20-24" before i hit 12/12 to flower.

    the clone i will be using are 2 XJ-13= Jack Herre x G13 (on the left) and 2 Hindu Skunks (on the right)
    today is their first day in their new home. they were feed with some B1 and very little nutes. the light is 30" above the top of the plants, i will move it close every few days to make sure i don't put too much stress on them.

    EVERYONE PLEASE LETS KEEP THIS JOURNAL CLEAN OF TRASH TALK ABOUT THESE LEDS OR THIS COMPANY!! Lets give these lights a fair test and hold off on the Bash or trash talked at least until this grow is done, so we can see the results before we judge these lights.

    Hope you guys enjoy this grow. kick back and put one in the air because were in for another long haul.

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  2. LEDs to be honest are the best lights for optimum growing in saltwater tanks, i do salt water aquariums and ive used every light possible, t5s, metal halides, power compacts, now LEDs. leds r not cheap and thus 3xs more expensive than halides but my god they proved to be the best in every way. the power i save and the way my coral grow are insane. like anything else LEDs have been proven to produce insane outcomes with TVs, Aquariums, etc... i will follow this thread and watch it close. good stuff MUCH LUCK TO U!!!
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    Can you get a pic of your light with your setup? That thing's a monster I would like to check out. Good luck, I'll be watching :)

    Edit: spotted the pic in your other thread. Yowza!
  4. subbed... this will be awesome

  5. interesting. thanks for the info.
  6. I'm on board! :hello:
  7. You know I got my chair pulled up man. V
  8. Hell Yes Irish!!:hello: I got my La-Z-boy and my ProtoPipe, I'm ready to watch this.. Oh and Nice work on your last grow Irish..

  9. Damn Irish, its nice to see you got such a powerful light to test this time. You should get some more than adequate results using that thing I think. You mentioned it uses 11 wavelengths? Can you give us any info on what those 11 are? Or ask your manufacturere for some info on them? I was just sort of curious because I think most currently being used is like 4-5 or something. Good luck man, your LED experience will guide you through to a plentiful harvest.

  10. EXCELLENT Irish - I too will be waiting to see the results.

    I've been musing about which (not "if") light I'm going with, and have questions about GrowL and their use of Bridgelux LED's - also used by Spectra I believe - as opposed to the LightBlaze 400 which uses CREE LED's.
    Now mind you, the founders of both Bridgelux and CREE are brothers, with CREE's being invented first. Very little is written about the differences in the two LED's other than the brothers had a lawsuit against each other that has been settled.

    Anyone have any answers?

  11. i dont know anything about the colors used. you can contact to company and see if they will tell you, but most likely they wont. they like to keep thing on the DL because of copy cats out their

  12. i never new that. i wounder what the diff is also?
  13. I think what your doing is great! IMO these light's could be the future of indoor growing as we know it. After all they did start using these at NASA about 10 year's ago. I feel, if you can grow decent herb's in outer space you would have even better result's here at the home. I will be watching this one for sure.:D
  14. here are some up date pics. today they are 4 days old.

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  15. i woke up today, and checked on the girls and things are really starting to kick off now. their starting to fill in real nice. i dont really notice any stretching even thought the light is 25-26" above the top of my plants. i only have one that getting kinda tall the others are staying short and bushy. ill post some more pics on sat when they turn a week old. hopefully next week i can start LSTing them.
  16. I dunno. Info is hard to come by from many light manufacturers as the specific frequencies that each LED works at would give away what they're trying to accomplish.
    Personally, all I know is that CREE LED's are so bright they're hard to look at directly.
  17. Let the LSTing begin!!

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  18. here are some pics at 7 days old. i started to LST them yesterday.

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  19. looking good irish boy,
    those led's put on some growth for 7 day's old.
    look a little nitrogen def though. lot's of yellowing on the leave's. what's up with them?
    i can't wait to see the end result's on this grow.

  20. ya the had a little N Def and a PH problem, because i didnt want to feed them full strength since they were so young. i took care of it yesterday. everything should be good to go

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