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Discussion in 'General' started by DailyRoutine, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. so over the years ive been collecting irie photos for my phone.. tell me what u think. The resolution of all of them is 240 x 400, for the voyager or lg dare or some other phones.
    Post yours up if you have some cool ones.

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  2. +rep man, I had to get the Fear n Loathing one as soon as I saw it for my iPod Touch.
  3. i just like having different wallpapers than everyone else... i like when people look at my phone and go "wtf.... thats so tight"

    that fear n loathing graphic is a full wall of graffiti. i just photoshopped that part out of it cuz it was awesome
  4. +rep.
    i have the voyager, so all of these will work perfectly.

    another wallpaper i really looked hard for......if youve seen the commercial for the samsung instinct, they tye-dye apples in stereo wallpaper....
    its fucking amazing.
  5. yeah id rather share these with fellow stoners than with people who are not

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