Ireland or uk outdoor grows?

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  1. Hi anyone growing here know the average flower dates or times, i know it gets to about 12/12 in like early october here so i reckon start september....any knowledge....btw its frisian dew
  2. Im in Ireland and mine have just started flowering, so im guessing urs arent far behind.
  3. how old are urs, size, etc, mine are just under 5 weeks cause planted late as first batch got eaten?
  4. At 5 weeks old you probably get a few grams at least. Have you grown before? You know what Autoflowers are??

    Mine are out since March.....I know a long time, biggest 5ft smallest is 2 1/2.
    Eatn by slugs or deer?? Had a few of my best savaged by deer only a main cola on a couple of em.
    I have a few Autos on the go too, click on my name and have a look at some of the threads i posted.

    Keep up the good work my Irish friend.
  5. ye grew autos indoor last year..... eaten by slugs ye, fecking bastards, so replanted first week of july, late i know but should get a bit still, hoping to chope them latish october right up to the freeze to get them as big as possible, the way i see it that will be nearly 4 months so should be fine, just hping they dont start flowering for few weeks the shitty weather here recently gets better to boost the growth
  6. I'm in Wales its been out since may and I think mines starting to preflower and mine been munched by slug but not to badly now I use slug pellets I find they help a lot
  7. ye ive been using pellits, have to go out every like 4-5 days to the spot to re do it, also have a ring of chicken wire surrounding for the hares and stuff, there doing well just small but i hear they can triple in size during the flowering stage so lets hope lol
  8. I'm growing in the UK flowering times should be around 15 july to or august, expect some purple leaves and some pink buds :p It get's cold and it's nothing to worry about it's just the cold that makes the leaves turn purple.
  9. well considering mine are not even 5 weeks yet i hope ur wrong buddy, i have a reliable source who said wont have to harvest till late october so should be fine
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    For real? That would look mint :)
  11. well seen as im growing frisian dew im expecting a bit of purple in there anyway :p
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    If mines gonna triple in size its going to be a tree here's a pic of it :)

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  13. ye man should be lol, gonna be nice id say ull gt anywhere from 2-5 ounces off that imo, what is she btw? lets hope for the weather to get nicer too, been warm just too much cloud, say its the same for u?
  14. also a quick question, evryone here on the outdoors seems to have them in pots? i have mine in the ground? which is better, by the looks most have in pots......
  15. My first time growing so i decided on pots so i can move them and for safety that i think of it im sorry i didnt plant in ground as my 3-5ft plants are seriously rootbound, so im definetly goin in the ground or using 25 gallon pots or some homemade type thing. Pots are easier to deter slugs too but the ground is unlimited growth. Its a hard choice.
  16. Mine are in the ground and are pushing 7 ft. somthing you hear a lot on here is, bigger the roots, the bigger the shoots so the ground wins everytime if your not conserned by huge plants!
  17. Concerned..... id only love a couple monsters.
  18. ye mine are in the ground but started really late so hoping they grow as big as they posssibly can
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    Greenhouse Co. Great white shark feminised. And yeah really humid spot of sunshine and rain. It's been quite sunny today and yesterday though :) also any of u growing in Wales :)
  20. Nope but same latitude as swansea if that helps! Had to chop my kalashnikova today as it was swamping the others. But got 5 out of 6 now in various stages of flower.

    To be fair I've had mine out in the ground since early may. But the growth spurts have been more recent with the huge amounts of sun we've been having!

    Swansea stoner. I've seen some wicked plants in your area a couple of years ago while visiting my friend so you can expect some good results if they are fed well etc...

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