Iraq......... get out or stay in?

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  1. I'm wondering if we should stay in or get out. McCain will keep us there for a while. Obama will get us out within a year or 2. Even then, there will still be soldiers there. We have fucked up the country and the violence has fallen and the insurgents are disappearing. I like McCain cause we'll clear shit up and try and rebuild in a couple years or so. But at the same time he just wants to play general. I have a feeling if he becomes president he'll try to invade Iran. WHICH would be horrible. THe country is almost the size of Afghanistan and Iraq combined. Also he is very similar to Bush. I only like him cause we'll stay in Iraq for a while but I like Obama because it may be good to get out of Iraq and he will change some shit even though people says he won't. The guy definently has alot of determination and guts to become president at a young age and regarding his race. He will change some shit even though people say he won't. I don't know, these canidates SUCK.
  2. I really dont' know anymore. With Afghanistan and Pakistan both becoming more of an issue than ever, it seems like this massive cluster fuck will never end.
  3. ive always been a huge fan of pulling out

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  5. uhm...why the fuck should i waste more of my hard earned tax dollars to kill people?
  6. cause those people would want to kill you.

  7. No, i hear we can talk to them about it and sit around a camp fire and sing kumbaya, just ask the Obama campaign.
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  10. Everything is such a mess. You can't abandon Iraq totally because Iraq, in my opinion, is a proxy war. If there were no American presence I would think Iran and 1000's of other groups are going to wage war on each other for control of Iraq. On the other hand you have to ask yourself if "controlling" or pacifying Iraq is even possible. We're not the only ones who've tried this. Look at the British. They tried and failed. I mean America has already killed it's own Frankenstein that Saddam was. Why not just declare victory, have some permanent bases and call it a game;).

  11. Good idea. . . oh wait,
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  13. Would they want to kill me "because I'm free?" or would they want to kill me because my government has been illegally occupying their holy land for so many years and they want to be left alone?

  14. Ask yourself this, why do they want to kill us?

    Because we're free? :rolleyes: Sure, they disapprove of our gambling and fornication, but this is not the reason they kill themselves.

    Maybe you should put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if China invaded DC and setup a military occupation? BLOWBACK.

    And we're not even run by religious law, but imagine if foreign infidels were stationed on your holy land?

    Did anybody pay attention to Bin Laden's letter to America when he explained why he called for the attacks on the US?

    I'll fill you in since you've apparently been sleeping:

    I think we need to get the fuck out of there and stop inciting terrorism through violence. This is war on terror is one of the biggest scams in history, and the only people benefiting are the corporations and bankers that finance wars.
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    It was really interesting to read that. I mean, the thing so many people refuse to understand is that the hatred that these people have for the United States did not spring out of the ground. They might dislike us because of the culture we propagate but that's not why they fly planes into our buildings.

    I in no way condone the way terrorists choose to go about spreading their message (i.e the killing of civilians). However, it is ridiculous to think they have no legitimate reasons for their grudge against us.

    EDIT: Also, do you guys remember Rev. Jeremiah Wright? He was Obama's pastor and a great source of controversy for him, controversy because he said real shit. It was stuff that the media and a lot of "patriots" (yeah right) didn't want to hear, but it was the truth.
  16. We never should have gone to war with Iraq in the first place. We were manipulated by fear into thinking that there were weapons of mass destruction. It was based on false intelligence, some of which evidence now suggests may have been intentionally planted and not backed up.

    We should have focused on Afghanistan and gotten the job done there as soon as possible, completely destroying al-Qaeda and capturing/killing bin Laden. Instead we've been sidetracked and accomplished very little. Al-Qaeda wasn't even in Iraq until we invaded. So we've replaced an evil dictator with a very unstable government and a large-scale terrorist organization.

    It's more obvious now than ever that we aren't going to accomplish anything good or have some kind of magical successful "victory". Our best option is to start gradually withdrawing troops. I don't completely agree with Obama's plans for Iraq, but they're pretty close to my own beliefs. He says he would leave a small number of troops to keep terrorist organizations from growing, but I think that's a little too open to interpretation. I do agree that we should refocus on Afghanistan.

    I assume you're referring to the fact that Obama would be willing to engage in dialogue with leaders of countries that we consider enemies, like Iran? You know, in order to potentially avoid military action? I still can't understand why people think that meeting and talking is the same as appeasement and giving into demands. I mean come on, we even let the president of Iran into our country to speak at one of our universities.

  17. Do you believe in the war on terror? Fighting an underground ring of criminals, only led to being criminals because of our invitation for war through years of meddling and exploitation? (See my post above for why they hate us)

    Do you see the similarities in fighting terrorism and fighting drugs? It's an endless war man...
  18. You guys are right. We should just sit back and wait for another 9/11 to happen. Not staying on the offensive. Obviously that does nothing. Sit back and wait.

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