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Iraq/Afghan Vets toking away PTSD

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by BigFoots Shadow, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Im still pretty new to all of this (been a west coast outdoor grower for 3 years now). Was just curious what strains and administration methods people prefer for treating PTSD, and how well they work. I've found personally a constant mix of different strains is the only way to get stoned enough to not think about, or at least not care as much, about the memories that replay in my mind all day and all night every single day. Was active army for 10 years, been out 4.
    Never really posted on here but wanted to cast a line out and see if anyone was in my boat.
    If this post is in the wrong area or whatever I apologize.
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  2. I can't relate, and don't have experience with PTSD. However, Leafly suggests this list comprises strains which are helpful with PTSD: Cannabis Strain Explorer

    Note that I am unclear about how they are ordered - they aren't sorted alphabetically, but I also am very hesitant to suggest that they might be ordered by level of helpfulness with this issue, because that would be a very, very difficult way for them to do it, if not impossible.

    I bet if you did a google search you could find a forum that focuses exclusively on MMJ or Veterans issues where you might find better access to a demographic that can more readily answer your question with some firsthand knowledge. Then again, I haven't been here long and for all I know there might be a whole mess of vets ready to come out of the woodwork to help you.

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck in dealing with the suffering this is causing. I don't know what it's like, but I can only imagine it's fairly grim :(
  3. Also, High Times did a very brief list-type piece on five strains that veterans found helpful for various uses. It was published Nov 11, 2014, and is easily pulled up with google. It may have a helpful suggestion for you.
  4. best results to boost cannabis use is to also add lots of omega fats to your diet to get a balance of omega three to omega six. your endocannabinoid system runs on these omega fats and this biological signalling system is what cannabis compounds act on to give you the needed relief from stress and worry anxiety etc... fish oils are questionable for your omega three, krill oil is the best but costly... you can get them too from seeds and nuts and oils like hemp seed oil... most omega three supplements have the EHA / DHA added to them to make the omegas digestible/convert able...

    Black peppercorns... using fresh black peppercorns could be your best approach for anxiety too and especially adding fresh black pepper to your cannabis regimen will significantly increase how your body metabolizes the actives in the cannabis and the subsequent effects from the cannabis... below is the link to my fav thread here on GC... good luck and I hope this info can help you dear friend
    Cannabis Black Pepper.
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  5. I'm also a vet who recently ( about 5 months ago) got a card. So far purple urkle has been the only strain the helps me sleep. Heavy indicas help numb me, but I can only use those at night right before bed or else I will be a lazy peice of shit and actually even more antisocial than I already am.

    I don't really do well with sativas, they give me a lot more paranoia and anxiety, however I am starting to experiment more with medicating during the day with sativa hybrids, it's just really hard to find a strain that won't mess with my head too much. I'm hoping to pick up some strawberry cough this week and see how that helps.
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  6. look into the cannabimimetics... adding terpenes along with your cannabis helps immensely with the come down from cannabis
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  7. I'll look into it, thanks!
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  8. How was Strawberry Cough?

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  9. It was nice, wasn't too racy for a sativa. It did give me a headache though so I haven't been using it much because I feel burnt out. That could be the grower though and not specific to the strain.
  10. Try double cheese or triple cheese if you can get hold of it, I dont have PTSD but if you're looking for a strain that helps you forget about stuff for a while I'd try one of them, when my grandmother passed away I smoked a lot of double cheese and it seemed to make me forget shit was bad for a while and come to terms with losing her :frown:
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  11. Yeah I’ve found the same thing.

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  12. Here is that diet info on cannabimimetics... endocannabinoid receptor capacity is only limited to our diests! every cannabinoid receptor is adaptable and needs the correct EFAs/ PUFAS ( essential fatty acids, poly unsaturated fatty acids) to make those signalling molecules that maintain cellular homeostasis

    Beta-caryophyllene is a dietary cannabinoid

    Beta-caryophyllene is a dietary cannabinoid

    cannabimimetic phytochemicals in the diet – an evolutionary link to food selection and metabolic stress adaptation?
    Cannabimimetic phytochemicals in the diet – an evolutionary link to food selection and metabolic stress adaptation?

    Make your own cannabinoids from omega-3 oils: Your body does this automatically
    Make your own cannabinoids from omega-3 oils: Your body does this automatically
  13. Bless you and your commitment!

    I too have PTSD and what they call general anxiety disorder.

    I dove into cannabis after a horrible leg injury knowing opiates were not for me.

    I'm 38 now, only been using/experimenting for 10 months. Lots to learn.

    Now keep in mind everyone is different.

    That being said, I started more microdosing and exploring different strains that way, also building up my tolerance which was very low at the beginning.

    By microdosing I mean one or two hits, wait an hour, maybe two, then repeat.

    Although now, I love getting high occasionally, I've found this a great method.

    I still prefer a bowl with a cap on it, or a 1 hitter. But I also love a joint.

    I started off waaaaay too intense with edibles and rso oil. Not for me.

    Anyhow, for strains, I found indicas only for me. Sativas are way too stimulating and leave me feeling worse.

    My favs thus far are crown royale, kosher kush, purple kush, og kush

    Worst I've smoked was Durban Poison. Holy hell I have no idea how anyone without a high tolerance could function on that strain.

    Also CBD tinctures are amazing! No high, just super good relief.

    I had more to say but I'm pretty high right now myself lol and kinda feel like I'm rambling.

    Good luck to you!
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  14. I've noticed most of the flowers I like are naturally high in this terpene
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  15. I just posted some info here about more info lol
    anxiety problems

    here is the boiling point or heat rel;ease point of beta caryophyllene
    Boiling point: 119*C / 246.2 degree Fahrenheit
    Properties: Antiinflammatory, Cytoprotective (gastric mucosa), Antimalarial
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  16. Amen. I find that many "purple" strains have terpenes that are better suited for alieving anxiety. Much research is going on involing the effects of terpenes and flavonoids. This is exciting stuff.

    I personally don't need to "forget" as one would find with alcohol, but seek a better sense of well-being without all the jumbled thoughts, raciness, or paranoia that can come with high thc sativas or hybrids (Sour D, Blue Dream etc.)

    Look for a sativa that has a decent amount of cbd (1-6% or so). Finding a ratio of about 5:1 THC over CBD is very effective. Say a strain that comes in at 18-20% thc and 4-6% CBD. This may not be cost effective if you are simply looking to get stoned or baked, but it is a great lift during the day without all the heady jazz. The CBD seems to be the responsible older brother of THC.
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  17. I agree, the science of flavanoids/terpenes is exciting!

    But what your suggesting is hard to find. I'd get CBD extract so you can control the dose/time.

    Also, CBD is effective on it's own so one can still real benefits when you aren't smoking
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  18. Good strains that are berry (purple) oriented and have those positive terpenes (Linalool, Humulene) and that have worked well are Grand Daddy Purps and Blueberry. The growers I get them from produce some pretty potent product, so I have to be very careful of not overloading myself with thc.

    Seems to me they both reduce anxiety...but everyone is different...my $.02
  19. I hear ya! That's why I always opt to have CBD extract on hand so dosing is easier.

    If you have access to flower with 6% CBD that's awesome!

    Here I can't get anything higher than about .8%

    I too need to watch THC content. Too much is a no go for me. I mainly microdose(just a hit or two) until I actually wanna get high, but even then I only take 4-5 hits

    As much as I love cannabis I'm very sensitive to it and being extremely high is not for me
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