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  1. I thought this was a pretty comprehensive and intelligent assessment of the "Iranian threat". It's a little long though, so take some time and do it in chunks if necessary, I just want you blades to read it.

    The Iranian threat - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

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  3. lol i like the bolding of the professor :rolleyes:

    Ex-Mossad Chief: Iran Is Not An Existential Threat | ThinkProgress
  4. The only threat Iran poses is to itself, not so much a threat from within but an overreaction to the acts of western nations. Stuck between a rock and a hard place to be sure.

    U.S , Nato, Israel, EU are all playing a game of chicken with Iran.

    War is much more justifiable if Iran blinks first, this is what the MIC is counting on. If Iran doesnt blink first, there very well may be a new gulf of tonkin ;)
  5. Lunatics such as the Iranian regime have no business acquiring nuclear weapons.

    [ame=]We Hate You! - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Of course they dont, lie down and wait for regime change like good little slaves. :rolleyes:

    You dont see the US shitting itself about who N. Korea plans to wipe off the face of the map. N. Korea has its own unique fanatical religion too ;)
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    North Korea is a problem. The world is waiting for the death of Kim Jong Il and expect it to collapse on its own soon. That has nothing to do with Iran. You want others around the world to be oppressed as long as you don't have to worry about it or live under similarly brutal regimes.
  8. do you read nothing he posts?
  9. Nothing substantial or even relevant to reality so far. NK can not be compared to Iran and if one were going to it's the belligerent change in behavior and confidence extremist regimes transition to after acquiring nuclear weapons.
  10. Nice read. It took me some time because I'm over medicated at the moment. Chomsky is a very smart man.

    The USA is the only nation to attack civilians with a nuke; twice. The CIA is in their country causing havoc. It makes me sick to my stomach. :mad:

    The term 'national security' has absolutely nothing to do with your personal security what so ever. It has nothing to do with protecting national sovereignty. It's about protecting the interest of the banks and corporations that rule the USA and Israel.

    The CFR and US foreign policy make me want to puke. The CFR must include some of the most well educated dimwits on the planet.

    I'm going to go pray for Iran and then hit the sack.

    Thanks for sharing that.

    God bless America...:bongin:

  11. You know how modern war starts?

    After being pressured by interest money and campaign big business contributors the President gives the orders to the CIA. The CIA then installs imposture spies to do an assault that looks like the attack came from the opposing enemy.

    The President and world leaders who are also paid by the same contributors soon after come together about the issue and declare war on the attacker. State funded media propagates like parrots. The suppose attackers get railroaded.

    A new fake western government comes out of the ashes dedicated in giving all their resources away to the invaders, reeducation of the public will then be installed on what is right and what is wrong to be thought about.

    Reprogramming scare tactics like racism, antisemitism, and political correctness occurring on nation wide network broadcasting. All the while big business takes it's share.

  12. what business do we have in keeping them?

    by the way: nuclear power =/= nuclear weapons
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    No it's just your answers are such bullshit sometimes, and I'm not saying they're bullshit to insult your intelligence, they're bullshit because they don't make any sense (usually) & you go after the person directly and it usually ends in fail


    Get the fuck out of every other country and turn this shithole around at home. if we stop pissing of the fucking world they wont fly shit into our cities or try to blow us up. its that simple.

    they like to do things their way. awesome, let them. We can do shit our way.... AT HOME IN THE STATE.

    I hate the fact that when i have children i have to explain to them when they are of the proper age (assuming that nothing gets fixed and we stay stationed across the world) why the country that had the potential to stay the greatest nation in the world is currently unsafe because our government has to meddle.

    TLDR: Stop fucking around in other countries.... they wont attack us.
    Seriously its 2012. They can take care of themselves.
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    [quote name='"TheAtmansPath"']

    what business do we have in keeping them?

    by the way: nuclear power =/= nuclear weapons[/quote]


    Nuclear power does not require 90% enriched uranium as Iran trying to accomplish at the moment. (they still didn't got there)

    U235 at 90% is weapon grade Uranium which is used to Make Nuclear Bombs.

    5-20% U235 is Uranium grade for Nuclear Power Plants to make energy.

    Actually 20% is more then enough for producing power.

    Sooooo... At least do some homework before you post more bullshit in forums, this is some very basic Nuclear knowledge...

    Ps- Noam Chomsky is an idiot.
  16. What it boils down to:

    1. If Iran develops a nuke, U.S. and friends don't get to dictate terms of oil contracts and other natural resources to their liking. Iran is a direct threat to the dollar's world reserve currency status, as the dollar further depreciates in value, it can turn into a domino effect very quickly. This is very bad for TPTB (Federal Reserve).

    The U.S. can't have a rogue nation standing up to the dominance of the dollar, as it will encourage other nations to follow suit.

    2. If Iran doesn't develop a nuke, they will be overthrown in due time by CIA, Mossad, MI6 and the like. Puppet regime will come in and give away rights to all natural resources to western corporations.

    Iran stops selling oil in U.S. dollars -report | Reuters
    Foreign Exchange: Saddam Turns His Back on Greenbacks - TIME
    How the Islamic World Plans to Beat the West: A Gold Coin by Bill Sardi
    [ame=]Petrodollar, Petrodollar warfare 1 - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=]Gaddafi gold-for-oil, dollar-doom plans behind Libya 'mission'? - YouTube[/ame]

  17. Actually, you're wrong.
    I said

    this is a fact.

    you jumped around to iran and percentages but really people are shitting themselves about nuclear power and replacing it with nuclear weapons. There is no evidence they are trying to make weapons, regardless if they are trying to be able to if they chose.

    ps- he knows more about iran than you know in your entire brain, i'd bet.

    Thanks for dropping by, we all know you don't care about killing children and civilians of places that aren't in Israel. I'm sure you have no bias towards Iran either.
  18. The American people do want out of every other country. It requires a steady stream of war propaganda from the MSM just to drum up the 15 or 20 percent who are willing to support it.

    If it were up the the people the CIA would be shut down and the USA would be a lot more like Norway or Sweden.

    I'd bet anything that young woman who was shot dead in the Iranian protests on camera was shot by the CIA or their operatives for that very purpose.

    What else can you expect from an agency that was formed by Skull & Bones and trained by the Nazi's ?

    I'm not sticking up for Iran's government. But Iran is just a 'little satan' and the USA, UK & NATO are the GREAT SATAN.

    [ame=]Israel is going to nuke US and blame Iran - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]How Western media instigate the "Green Revolution" in Iran - 23 Jun 09 - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]CIA Agent Exposes How Al-Qaeda Dosen't Exist - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]Terrorists control The White House - YouTube[/ame]

  19. None. No nation, individual, or group of individuals have any business holding onto these weapons. One of the many things I agree with Obama on that we need to strive for a world without these instruments of destruction. It'd be quite naive to get rid of our stockpile when religious extremist nations who have American blood on their hands and make threats to our allies are working to develop their own. Nuclear power doesn't equal nuclear weapons. Right. Good job little commie, here's your government sanctioned cookie.

    I have the truth and you have ideological arguments. You do not have the best interest of the United States at mind when you can't even properly identify why we do what we do. This war for oil argument is the quickest identifier of a bullshitter or just plain uninformed mother fucker.

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