Iranian Rhetoric: Heard and Unheard

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tflga, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Iranian Rhetoric: Heard and Unheard | Cato @ Liberty

  2. Indeed.

    People need to wake up to the fact that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei does not tell lies. It goes against everything that this man holds sacred.
    Anybody with even the most basic understanding of Islam would know that it is unimaginable that a man in his position would lie.
    If Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says something, he means it.

    This man is not Obama or Bush.
  3. Zakaria: Iran May Not Want the Bomb

  4. If Khameini has so much integrity, why is he allowing the opposition leaders to remain under house arrest without trial for over a year now? Why did he allow and encourage his Basij to murder unarmed protestors in Tehran and elsewhere?

  5. The Ayatollah doesn't lie, but that doesn't mean he isn't an Islamic Dictator.

    George Washington did indeed chop down that Cherry Tree, but he still owned slaves...
  6. I feel ya, i guess i just feel like a man who endorses that kinda shit would have no problem telling a fib.
  7. The Ayatollah is a man. And any man in a position of power is still a man, no matter what religion he believes.

    So I wholeheartedly disagree with this statement, and would say that this man is like Obama and Bush.
  8. can you be more specific?

  9. He represents the status quo. Sure, his status quo isn't global imperialism or Corporate Butt-Buddying; it's Theocracy. To me, a Theocracy is just another form of big brother knowing what's best for you, except in this case it's dictated from a religious point of view.
  10. The difference is that the American big brother also pretends to know what's best for people of many other countries, whereas the Iranian big brother pretends to know what is best for the Iranian people.
  11. Except for when President Abbas has to tell them to fuck off and mind their own business...

    Palestinians to Iran: Mind your own busine... JPost - Middle East
  12. Cause he's afraid this could be the CIA trying to spark a revolution to overthrow iranian leaders. Look it up, they tried in iran several times, and succeeded in parts where they were involved in Libya, and Egypt.
  13. The last time it was done in Iran was in 1953. And, no, he authorized the killings of members of the Green Movement, an internal Iranian group, without a shred of evidence that they had links to the CIA. Does killing people, your own citizens specifically, because you are afraid they might be CIA, even though the last time the CIA fucked with you was half a century ago, does that make sense to you?

  14. This is the CIA we are talking about here dude...
    They tend to leave a lasting impression wherever they set up shop...

    I would say the CIA are as popular in Tehran as Hamas are in Tel Aviv...:eek:

  15. do you not remember just 6 months ago an entire unit of CIA Operatives were busted in Iran and arrested?

  16. And he killed Pennsylvania farmers for operating whiskey stills
  17. If you can take admadinijad and his anti-west rhetoric stream as reality, than one must also take khomeini's word for it.

    or, we say both could be bullshitting.

    The only actual issue is the aggressive use of a nuke. not having a nuke itself.

    Id probably believe Khomeini over Admfaaakflfad, dictator or not hes the head honcho. He calls the shots, and he is either a clever bastard and telling the truth(probably) or a more clever bastard and lying(more probable).

    Religious morale dips when your country's being pounded into ashes.And he'll stay in power longer if they either don't get a nuke, or get a nuke and stay quiet. If i were him id do the latter, because nuke or not there's a good chance of a US invasion.
  18. My point is that it doesnt make random protestors on the streets of Tehran legitimate targets for execution. khameini supported this murder and encouraged his paramilitary the Basij to continue doing so.
  19. apparently Ahmadinejad is the more "moderate" one, comparing to his military staff, cabinet..this is a third hand word so...but im pretty sure i read that somewhere

    either way..

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