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iranian g13

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bleedpoker, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Thanks Sour Apple for the welcome.

    From my research the Iranian G13 seems to be a winner. I bought some Iranian G13 seeds and start my grow November 1st.

    Do a search on Roll it up, " Iranian G13 ", as i am journaling the entire grow experience. My board name " digging " is the same over there as it is here.
  2. Shit looks raw man, nice pick up.
  3. Thanks thanks thanks :) I need to get some more of it. Got some beeeeautiful pure purp right now :smoke:
  4. Not cutting anything down or anything, I'm sure its great. Just seems like I am the only one who does not think it looks like anything special. My first thought when I saw the pic was "eh, looks ok I guess". then I read on any everyone is like "damn that looks dank" I'm giving it a solid 5 on a 10 scale. Again no offense. Im just weird I guess(know). I always have outside the norm taste. Or just more picky. I almost wanted to give it a 4 but went 5 because there is nothing wrong with it, just your average run of the mill looking bud. That said, looks are a distant third after taste and stone.

  5. I feel you on that, the bud structure just isn't there. Looks extra fluffy. Maybe its some hydro? The high is definitely more important though.
  6. Looks really dank bud.
  7. Last year I grew the Iranian strain, not bad yield, good potency and quick to the finish. I had 7 mothers which yielded 2lbs after being outdoors for 5-6 weeks!! Now I am growing both the Iranain and the Iranian g13... the 13 supposed to be 1.5x-2x the yield with an August -september finish...we will see! roll up another one, just like the other one!!! 200 of the iranian auto flower yielded 23lbs.... not too shabby considering I didn't get em out until July
  8. GeRbILs!!!
  9. [quote name='"HxCurt"']GeRbILs!!![/quote]


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